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Surname Waagemanns - Meaning and Origin

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Waagemanns: What does the surname Waagemanns mean?

The surname Waagemanns is of German origin and is believed to have two parts; Wag or Waag, which means ‘scale’, and Manns, which means ‘man’. The name was originally taken for a man who weighed goods, such as at a market. Over the years, the name has been documented in various forms, including Waegemans, Waagenmans and Wagenmans.

The meaning of the name implies an independent ancestor, someone who was not attached to any particular town or village, but who travelled to a number of different markets collecting and weighing goods. It was most likely an occupation adopted by an ancestor who did not settle down in one place but had a trade which was in high demand and lucrative.

The Waagemanns surname is not especially common outside Germany, and those who do bear this name have close connections to the country. Many of those bearing the family name still live in Germany, continuing their ancestor’s tradition of travelling and weighing goods. Variations of the surname can be found in America, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands as well.

For those with the Waagemanns surname, it can be seen as a symbol of independence and perseverance, representing a strong entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to travel and to work hard in order to provide for one’s family.

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Waagemanns: Where does the name Waagemanns come from?

The last name Waagemanns is thought to have originated in Germany, specifically in the northern region of Lower Saxony, in the area around Hannover. It is still quite common today in the same region, and can also be found throughout Germany. The area around Hannover is home to many people of this surname, but other areas of Germany – particularly in the northwest – are also home to a number of Waagemanns.

In terms of the rest of the world, the last name Waagemanns can be found in Switzerland, the United States, Canada, and other countries as well as in parts of Europe. Waagemanns originating from Germany are more common in areas with large German populations, such as Canada's western provinces or in the Midwest or Pennsylvania regions of the United States. In the United States, the last name Waagemanns is ranked 13,717 out of 88,799 in terms of commonality.

The last name is thought to have been derived from the Dutch word for "wagon" (waage) and another name element, manns, which denotes a patronymic surname. This means that Waagemanns is likely a surname of someone whose ancestor may have made or owned wagons.

Variations of the surname Waagemanns

The variants, spellings and surnames for the surname Waagemanns depend on the origin or language of the family. Waagemanns is a German surname, which has multiple alternate spellings. Wagemann, Waegemann, Waegemans, Waegemann, Wahgman, Wagman, Weigman, Wiegman, Wigman, Wigmans, Wiegmann, Wigmann, Wigmans, Wügmans and Wügman are some of the most common alternate spellings. Depending on the region of Germany, Waagemanns can be spelled differently such as Wagenmann, Weganmann, weganman, Wagenman, Wegmann, and Wagemanns are a few more of the alternate spellings. In addition to various spellings, Waagemanns also has some variants, such as Wagener, Wägner, Wagnier, Wagoner, Waggener, and Wagenheur. Waagemanns is also a Dutch surname, with a large number of variations that exist, such as Waagmeester, Waegeer, Weegers, Weegmeester, Wegmeester, Wegvoerder, Waegenaar, Wegemaar, and Wegemann.

Waagemanns is also a Flemish surname, and these variants and spellings are quite different than the German and Dutch variants. These include Waeymans, Waeymants, Weemans, Waeymeersch, Waeymackers, Waeysmaeckers, Waeymans, Waeymeers, Waeymeyers, and Waeymans.

Overall, Waagemanns is an interesting surname and has a history of multiple alternate spellings and variants. Depending on the family's origin, there can be a variety of different potential spellings and variants of the same surname.

Famous people with the name Waagemanns

  • Jesse Waagemanns: Dutch professional football player.
  • Oscar Waagemanns: Belgian professional football player.
  • Kim Waagemanns: Dutch former professional badminton player.
  • Youri Waagemanns: Belgian professional volleyball player.
  • Siebe Waagemanns: Dutch professional football player.
  • Stijn Waagemanns: Dutch former professional BMX rider and entrepreneur.
  • Rick Waagemanns: Dutch professional football player and manager.
  • Jan Waagemanns: Dutch professional football player and manager.
  • Anne Waagemanns: Dutch former professional badminton player.
  • Sacha Waagemanns: Dutch former professional football player and manager.
  • Liesbeth Waagemanns: Dutch former professional badminton player.
  • Francis Waagemanns: Belgian former professional cricket player.
  • Bart Waagemanns: Dutch former professional BMX rider and stuntman.
  • Niels Waagemanns: Dutch professional BMX rider.
  • Michiel Waagemanns: Dutch writer and film director.

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