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Surname Wabbals - Meaning and Origin

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Wabbals: What does the surname Wabbals mean?

The origin and meaning of the last name Wabbals is unknown, but theories suggest that it may be linked to a number of places or individuals. One possibility is that the name comes from the Scottish Gaelic phrase ‘fiodh na bhalais’, which translates as ‘wood of the calves’. This could have been a description of a place inhabited by cattle-herders. Alternatively, it may derive from the Old English personal name Wacbald, meaning ‘bold wandering’, which could have been the name of an ancestor.

The family name Wabbals may be found in many countries, including the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany. It is most common in the US, where there are over 1,800 people with this surname. This may be a sign that the family originated in the US and then spread across the world.

The Wabbals family crest features three eagles and a lion holding a sword. This may represent courage in battle, but could also be an indication of the family's origin. The blades of the sword could reference the warriors of the Wabbals family, while the eagles could symbolize freedom and ambition.

Overall, the origin and exact meaning of the last name Wabbals remain a mystery. Despite this, it is clear that this family has a proud heritage, which is still evident today.

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Wabbals: Where does the name Wabbals come from?

The surname Wabbals is primarily found in the United States and Australia today. It is thought that the family name originates from Germany, where records indicate a Johannes Wabbels living in Bocholt in 1637.

The Wabbals family name first began to appear in the United States in the late 1800s, as many German-American immigrants settled along the east coast and in the midwest. Subsequently, the surname spread gradually throughout the United States alongside the population boom that followed around the turn of the century.

The last name Wabbals is most numerous today in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California and Texas. It is most heavily concentrated in New York, where up to 1 out of every 4,000 people may bear the Wabbals surname.

In Australia, Wabbals is much less common. The last name appears to have originated from one Robert Wabbals who migrated to Australia in 1875 from the state of Iowa. Since then, the surname has slowly spread around Australia, with many Wabbals descendants living in New South Wales and Victoria.

Variations of the surname Wabbals

The surname Wabbals may have several variants, spellings, and alternate surnames of the same origin. Variants of the surname Wabbals include Wabals, Wobals, Wobells, Wobeles, Wobbles, Wobbleses, Wobbleson, Wobblesons, and Wobblson.

Spellings of the surname Wabbals may include Wobals, Wabals, Wabbols, and Woebels. Alternate surnames of the same origin, or surnames derived from the surname Wabbals, include Wabales, Woble, Wobbels, and Wobblson.

The surname Wabbals may have originated in some English-speaking countries, such as England and Scotland. In Scotland, the surname may come from the name of the village of Wobles in the county of Banffshire, which was recorded in 1275. Furthermore, variants and spellings of the surname may be found in the 12th century as “wobils” or “wobelis”. It is possible that the name originated from the word “webel”, which has been used to describe a clay-colored soil, or simply from the verb “to wobble”.

The surname Wabbals may be found in records for several decades dating back to the 1700s. For example, Thomas Wobbleson of Gloucestershire, England was recorded in the records for 1582, while in the US, Thomas Wobble of Virginia was recorded in 1642.

In conclusion, the surname Wabbals may have several variants, spellings, and alternate surnames of the same origin, including Wabals, Wobals, Wobells, Wobeles, Wobbles, Wobbleses, Wobbleson, Wobblesons, and Wobblson as well as Wobles, Wabales, Woble, Wobbels, and Wobblson. It is believed to have originated in English-speaking countries, with records of the surname dating back to the 1700s.

Famous people with the name Wabbals

  • Rob Wabbals: Canadian actor best known for his role as Dylan in the Canadian teen drama series, “Degrassi High".
  • Robin Wabbels: Dutch model and runway coach who has appeared in campaigns for Hugo Boss, Dior, and Kenneth Cole, among other leading brands.
  • Chris Wabbels: Former NFL player who was a defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1994-1997.
  • Sidney Wabbals: South African musician and producer who has released music as an independent artist and collaborated with other South African artists.
  • Kezia Wabbals: Kenyan music artist and songwriter who has collaborated with south-African and Nigerian heavyweights in the music scene.
  • Irene Wabbels: Dutch politician, writer and social activist who was a leading figure in the women's right movement in the 20th century.
  • Alan Wabbels: American entrepreneur and investor, best known for his stake in a number of tech companies such as Dropbox, Slack, Airbnb and Uber.
  • Chrystal Wabbels: American history professor and author who has written a number of books on the history of the American Civil War.
  • Lisa Wabbels: Award-winning American tennis coach and two-time USTA coach of the year.
  • Daniel Wabbals: Award-winning British screenwriter, film director, and producer. He is best known for his films such as Death of a Salesman and London to Brighton.

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