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Surname Waage - Meaning and Origin

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Waage: What does the surname Waage mean?

The last name Waage is of German origin and was primarily found in the Northern Rhineland area. The original meaning of the name is believed to be connected to the profession of weighing, as ‘Waage’ is the German word for ‘scale’. It is believed that the name followed those associated with life in the Rhineland such as merchants, weighing goods at the markets and trading posts.

In some cases, the name Waage may have come from those who were living in the wider area of Northern Europe. It is likely that some of the earlier ‘Waages’ were connected to the free Imperial cities where weighing was likely done by the local residents.

Today, the name Waage is still common in Germany and other parts of Europe as well as the United States and other parts of the world where German immigrants settled. The surnames that derived from this name are ‘Waagers’, ‘Waizs’, ‘Waasco’, and ‘Waaca'.

The members of this family are renowned for their entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity and willingness to serve others. This has enabled them to be successful in diverse fields such as medical, engineering, accounting and business. In addition, they have contributed significantly to the history and culture of their respective countries, creating lasting impact on generations of people.

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Waage: Where does the name Waage come from?

The last name Waage is most commonly found in Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. It is also found in some areas of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Holland.

The earliest records of the last name Waage date back to the 1600s in the German-speaking region of Northern Europe. Records also show that the earliest recorded name bearer was a man named Henrich Wajg, who lived in the city of Bremen in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Waage is derived from the German word ‘Waage’ which means ‘balance’ or ‘scale’. It was thought to be an occupational name that was given to people who worked with scales or inventories.

The last name Waage is still commonly found in areas such as Norway, Sweden, England, United States, Canada, and some parts of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Throughout history, the name became more prominent in northern Europe as a result of migrations and population growth.

Today, the Waage surname is more common in northern Europe and the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Those with the last name can be found in every corner of the world, but they make up a small part of the global population.

Variations of the surname Waage

The surname Waage is derived from the German word 'Waage' meaning 'scale' or 'balance', and is very common throughout German-speaking countries. Variants and alternate spellings of the surname Waage include Waege, Wäge, Wägge, Waegge, Waggoner, Vagen, Wagener, Wagenhausen, Vager, Wagener, Wagner, Wagners, Waisons, Vages, Veyges, Wajayes, Wayas, Wagemanns, Wagendrissers, Vaege, Wagensellers, Vege, Weißgerber, Veicz, Veits, Wais, Weig, Weige, Weijg, Weijgs, Weißgerbers, Wig, Wagener, Vager and Wagenaar.

Additionally, it has many different versions in other languages such as Wagener in Dutch, Wagener in Swedish, Vaege in Danish, Waisons in French, Weig in Chinese, and Wegie in Yiddish.

The surname Waage is one of the oldest still-recorded family names, and its variants can mostly be found in places with significant Germany or German-speaking populations, such as the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy.

Famous people with the name Waage

  • Jan Waage, Norwegian business leader and executive chairman of the board at Aker Solutions
  • William Waage, American lawyer, judge, and politician
  • August Waage, Norwegian goldsmith and industrialist
  • Kjell Waage, Norwegian footballer
  • Ira Waage, American racer and World War II veteran
  • Henrik Waage, Norwegian zoologist and carcinologist
  • Alexa Waage, computer scientist and professor at the UW–Madison
  • Marit Waage, Norwegian journalist
  • Walter Waage, Austrian World War I pilot
  • Jens Waage, Norwegian decathlete and long jumper

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