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Surname Waagmeester - Meaning and Origin

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Waagmeester: What does the surname Waagmeester mean?

The last name Waagmeester is of Dutch origin and is derived from the occupation of a wagemaker or wagon maker. Originally, this name was used to denote a person who worked as a wagon maker in the Low Countries during the Middle Ages. The word “waag” translates to “wagon” and “meester” translates to “master,” and is often used as a suffix when denoting a tradesman. Thus, the name Waagmeester could be roughly translated to “wagon master” or “master of wagons.”

The occupation of the wagemaker was a very skilled trade during the Middle Ages, as wagon makers were responsible for creating and maintaining the wooden carriages and carts used for transportation, as well as storage. Wagemakers were also sought after for custom pieces such as elaborately carved covered carriages for the wealthy. Because wagemakers had to be able to work with both metal and wood, their skill set was much more in-depth than just woodworking and metalworking.

Since wagemaking was such an important trade, the name Waagmeester denoted a person of either great skill or high position in the community. It has been noted that the first people to take on the surname of Waagmeester are thought to have been artisans during the late middle ages, with the name becoming more commonplace over time.

Today, the surname Waagmeester is still found in Dutch-speaking countries. Although mainly used in the Netherlands, the last name Waagmeester is also common in Belgium and assorted countries of the Former Dutch East Indies.

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Waagmeester: Where does the name Waagmeester come from?

The last name Waagmeester is most commonly found in areas of the Netherlands and Belgium, but it can also be found in pockets throughout other parts of the world. In the Netherlands, Waagmeester is most common in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, while in Belgium it is most common in the provinces of East Flanders and Limburg.

Within the Netherlands, Waagmeester is the 73rd most common surname. This is based on a study of over 170,000 Dutch families over a seven year period and is the highest ranking surname of Dutch origin. Many Waagmeesters can be found in cities such as Amersfoort, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Beyond the Netherlands and Belgium, Waagmeester can be found in many other parts of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and Brazil. In the United States, Waagmeester is most common in the states of California, Pennsylvania, Washington, and New Jersey. This is based on the 2020 United States Census, which lists Waagmeester as the 6,699th most common surname in the country.

For those interested in their Waagmeester ancestors, many resources are available to help in the search. A simple Google search will yield numerous records for the surname such as birth records, marriage records, and immigration records, making it easy to trace the family tree and learn more about one's Waagmeester ancestors.

Variations of the surname Waagmeester

Waagmeester is a Dutch surname, derived from the Dutch word 'waagmeester' which means a ‘weigher’ or ‘assessor’. It could mean the person oversees the weighing of goods or assesses the value of goods.

Variants of the surname Waagmeester include Wagemester, Wagemaster, Waggemaster, Waegmester, Waegmaster, Waagmister, Waegmister, Wagemaster, Wegemaster, Wesgemaster, Weigemaster, Wegemast and We'gemast.

Common spellings of the surname Waagmeester are Waagmans, Waagemans, Wagemans, Waggemans, Waegmans, Waegemans, Waagemeister, Waegemeister, Wagemeister, Waggemeister, Wegemeister, Wesgemeister and Weigemeister.

Surnames which are associated with Waagmeester are Waag, Waagen, Waagste, Waagenes, Waagenhuis, Wagen, Wagenaar, Wagenvoort, Wagensveld, Wagtmans and Waigman.

Waagmeester is mainly found in the Netherlands, where it is considered to be one of the top 200 surnames. There are also people with this surname who live in the United States, Germany, Canada and other parts of the world.

Famous people with the name Waagmeester

  • Paul Waagmeester: Dutch composer, organist, and musical director.
  • Lienne Waagmeester: Dutch Floral Designer and Gardener.
  • Kees Waagmeester: Dutch civil rights lawyer.
  • Willem Waagmeester: Dutch Professional Cyclist.
  • Dirk Waagmeester: Dutch cyclist, gold medallist in the 1972 Summer Olympics.
  • Arie Waagmeester: Dutch actor and singer.
  • Nico Waagmeester: Dutch author and cultural journalist.
  • Susanne Waagmeester: Dutch singer-songwriter.
  • Michelle Waagmeester: Dutch fashion and costume designer.
  • Antoni Waagmeester: Dutch Twitter influencer and entrepreneur.

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