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Surname Walcot - Meaning and Origin

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Walcot: What does the surname Walcot mean?

The surname Walcot is an Anglo-Saxon name, originating from the Old English words “walh” (meaning foreigner) and “cot” (meaning hut or cottage). Thus, the literal meaning of the surname is “foreigner’s hut”. This occurs in a variety of geographical locations, making the true origin somewhat unclear.

The initial bearers of the name were likely Anglo-Saxons in the 6th century, and could have been of foreign descent. It is also possible that the surname was derived from the Anglo-Saxon words for “hut”, “cot”, and “walh”. This combination was then commonly used to identify a person who either lived in a foreign-built hut or belonged to a family of foreign-born people.

The earliest known recording of the surname appears in the Norman register rolls of 1147, wherein the name is rendered as “Walcot”. In this document, the name appears alongside the Latinized version “Villa de Galterio”. The name may have been passed down through the generations, although it also could have arisen independently.

The Walcot surname was most prominently present in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and Herefordshire in the 12th century, but is now primarily found in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The related place name appears in numerous locations throughout the British Isles, lending credence to the theory that the surname was originally derived from that source.

The surname Walcot carries with it a long and rich history, through which we can glimpse the lives of our ancestors. Whether of English or foreign descent, the bearers of this name were likely proud of their heritage, and the legacy which they ultimately left behind.

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Walcot: Where does the name Walcot come from?

The last name Walcot (sometimes Walcott) is generally associated with English ancestry, making the UK the place where it is most likely to be found today. Walcot can be traced back to Wilcot, a Saxon village in Wiltshire, England. From this village, the name spread across the country and beyond and today, can be found in the UK, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Walcot is a relatively rare surname in England, with the most concentrated concentrations in London, Leicester, and Midlothian, Scotland. In recent times, people carrying the Walcot name have settled in all parts of England, as well as in countries outside of the United Kingdom.

The Walcot family can trace its ancestry back to Wiltshire, England for at least as far as the sixth century. The name is associated with the wealthy property in the area, and the family descended from a single common ancestor known as "Walcot of Walcot" in 1525. Since then, the name has spread across England and other countries, and today there are numerous people of Walcot ancestry living in many places around the world.

Variations of the surname Walcot

The surname Walcot is derived from the Old English term meaning "cottage by the wall" or "dweller near the wall", and can also be translated to mean "dweller by the walled town". Variants of the surname include Walcott, Walcot, Walcote, Walcotts and Walcottes.

Interestingly enough, there are many alternate spellings that have developed over the years within the same family line. Examples of this are Wallcut, Wallcott, Wallcote, Wallcot, Wollcot, Woolcott, Woolcote and Woolcut.

Though common amongst Britain, Walcot is still found in other countries, and various forms of the surname are present across the globe. One example of this is the name Wolcott, which appears amongst settlers in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The difficulty in records tracing this surname often make it difficult to know when and where these families originated from.

The surname is associated with many notable figures throughout history. One example is Sir Charles Wolcott, a British Politician in 19th century Britain and Member of Parliament who served in many important positions, including Minister of Trade.

Walcot is considered an uncommon surname. While many view it as tribal in its origin, it can be broken down further geographically and researched on a more localized level. It is likely that many members of the same family line have led similar lifestyles, occupations and locations of residence due to the same surname, meaning the origin of the family may become clear with further research.

Famous people with the name Walcot

  • Sam Walcot, actor
  • Simon Walcot, astronomer
  • Christine Walcot, philanthropist
  • Emma Walcot, journalist
  • Neale Walcot, chemist
  • Robert Walcot, painter
  • Anne Walcot, author
  • Jessica Walcot, fashion designer
  • Tony Walcot, athlete
  • Joe Walcot, musician

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