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Surname Walcott - Meaning and Origin

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Walcott: What does the surname Walcott mean?

The last name Walcott is thought to be of English or Irish origin. It is derived from the Old English term "walhcot", which means "cottage on the Welshmen's territory". This name was likely given to someone who had links to Wales and/or someone who lived in a cottage on their land.

The name could also be derived from a place such as Walcot, which is a village in the English county of Shropshire. There are also numerous other places across England, Scotland and Ireland with similar names.

The Walcott name is still fairly common in Europe today, and it is believed that there are several thousand people who can trace their ancestry back to this surname. Many Walcotts today are of Irish or English descent, although some descended from the wave of Dutch immigrants who arrived to America in the 1600s.

The name Walcott has also been found in records dating back to the 17th century in Yorkshire, England, where it was associated with a wool merchant from the city of Hull. The name was also found in records from Virginia in the early 19th century, connected to a family from Fauquier County.

All in all, the last name Walcott carries a strong link to Welsh, English and Irish ancestry, as well as potential American Dutch roots. It is a name linked to a long and varied history.

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Walcott: Where does the name Walcott come from?

The last name Walcott is most commonly found around the British Isles. In the United Kingdom, it is found in the south and north of England, as well as some parts of Wales. It is also found scattered around other parts of Europe, mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, and northern Germany.

Outside Europe, the Walcott surname is also found in large numbers in the United States, especially in the southern states. In addition, the name is found in South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Walcotts of England have a centuries-old history. They are descended primarily from families that lived in the county of Somerset during the ninth century. The name is thought to derive from the old English personal name Walaecott, which probably means ‘one who lives in the valley by the cottage’.

The Walcotts of the United States are believed to have gotten their name from William Walcott who immigrated from England in 1620. Since then, the Walcott name has been passed down through the generations, with a few branches of the family settling in areas of the United States such as Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Today, the Walcott surname is still commonly found throughout the United Kingdom, United States, and Europe in large numbers, although this number has decreased slightly over recent years.

Variations of the surname Walcott

The surname Walcott has multiple spellings, variants, and surnames from the same origin. Some of these surnames include Wolcot, Wolcott, Woolcote, Woolcott, Woolcut, Walcutt, Walcut, and Wealcott.

The origin of the surname Walcott is derived from a place name in England. The location itself is of Anglo Saxon origin, and is derived from the words 'wealh', meaning a foreigner or a Celt; and 'cot', meaning a cottage or a shelter. Eventually, this location became known as 'Walcot', and it was in the Domesday Book of England in 1086. It is believed that the name of this small village was adopted as a surname by individuals who were associated with it.

Over the centuries, the variants, spellings, and surnames from the same origin for the surname Walcott have changed variously. Spelling variations came from both of the languages in which the surname was derived from– English and Old Saxon. This is why there is such a wide variety of different ways that the same surname can appear.

Walcott is a rather uncommon surname. However, the surname is still in use throughout England, and can even be found in some areas in the United States.

Famous people with the name Walcott

  • Derek Walcott: Nobel Prize-winning poet, playwright and visual artist from Saint Lucia
  • Darren Walcott: Trinidadian-American sculptor and visual artist
  • Olivia Walcott: American internet and television personality
  • Meagan Walcott: Trinidadian model and beauty pageant contestant
  • Samuel Walcott: American chemist who has discovered new reactions and new catalytic processes
  • Didi Walcott: Actress, known for her roles in the 1990s television series Twenty-One and in the 2000s movie The Gringo
  • Craig Walcott: Retired American boxer who is a former two-time International Boxing Federation (IBF) Featherweight champion
  • Hollis Walcott: Caribbean politician, former Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister
  • Tishana Walcott: Jamaican socialite, actress, and TV personality
  • Aneesa Walcott: Trinidadian long-distance runner and Olympian

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