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Surname Waldherr - Meaning and Origin

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Waldherr: What does the surname Waldherr mean?

The last name Waldherr is a German surname meaning ‘strong or firm forest’. It originated as a descriptive nickname based on a person's physical attributes or occupation, with the name being used to describe someone who lived or worked in a forest.

The name is very ancient, with records showing that families bearing the same name lived in Germany as far back as the 13th century. The Waldherr family has had many distinguished members down through the years. Notable Waldherrs include Alexander Waldherr, a celebrated Austrian politician of the 17th century; Sybille Waldherr, a famous composer in the 19th century; and Antonò Waldherr, a modern-day acclaimed architect from his native Italy.

The modern-day Waldherrs are connected to one another through a shared common ancestry and link to that historic German forebear whose nickname has endured centuries. They and their descendants have laid the foundations for a rich, multi-generational legacy; a legacy that features stories of courage, achievement, love and traditions.

The Waldherrs have played an important role in their culture, with many of them having had an influence on the region’s education, music and art. They have ensured a place of respect and honour in German society and in the wider world.

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Waldherr: Where does the name Waldherr come from?

The surname Waldherr is of German origin, and is is particularly common in Germany. Over 8,000 people with the surname live in and around Germany today.

The Waldherr surname was most commonly found in the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, where it was derived from the word Wald, which means ‘woods’ or ‘forest’ in German. In other regions, it is derived from the words walt, meaning ‘mighty’, and herr, meaning ‘lord’.

It is also found in other parts of Europe, particularly Eastern Europe. In Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, the Waldherr surname is quite common.

Today, the name can also be seen in the United States and Australia. A large number of people with the surname Waldherr are found in New York, California, Florida and Texas. Smaller numbers of people with the surname can be found in Canada, Mexico and other parts of the world, including Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

Overall, the surname Waldherr appears to be most common today in German-speaking countries and other parts of Europe. It is also beginning to appear in other countries and regions around the world.

Variations of the surname Waldherr

The surname Waldherr has a few variants and spellings, such as Waldher, Waldheer, Woldher, and Woldheer. In some cases, the spelling may also be shortened to Wald, Wold, or Wer. Often the last "r" from the surname is removed and a "t" ending is added, resulting in Waldhert, Woldhert, and Werdt.

The most common variant for Waldherr is Walther; this is usually abbreviated to Walt. Other surnames from the same origin include Waltherauer, Waltherberger, Walthermueller, Waltner, Waltheropoulos, Waldhauer, and Waldhefter.

Waldherr is quite a rare surname, but can be found in a few areas throughout the world, although mainly in America and Germany. In the United States, the surname is mainly located in Texas and the Midwest, with around 5,000 people utilizing the surname. In Germany, the surname can be found in very small numbers in areas such as Bavaria, Saxony, Westphalia, and Brandenburg.

Overall, the Waldherr surname has a distinct origin, and is shared by few, although the variants and spellings available for the surname ensures that it is quite unique.

Famous people with the name Waldherr

  • Conrad Waldherr: Austrian soccer player who plays on the Alemannia Aachen football team in the Regionalliga West, a German professional league.
  • Uli Waldherr: German film director and producer. His films have won awards including the Bavarian Film Award and the Swiss National Film Award.
  • Roman Waldherr: Austrian competitive poker player who has made it to the final tables of both the World Series of Poker and the European Poker Tour.
  • Sebastian Waldherr: Austrian professional ice hockey player who is currently playing for the Vienna Capitals in the Austrian Hockey League.
  • Gabriele Waldherr: Austrian journalist and writer who has written books on history and culture, as well as several novels.
  • Markus Waldherr: German rapper and singer who is part of the rap group Geegun & Die Arche, with whom he has released four studio albums.
  • Philipp Waldherr: German chess master who holds the title of International Master, awarded by the International Chess Federation.
  • Jürgen Waldherr: German composer and pianist whose works have been performed by orchestras around the world.
  • Linda Waldherr: Austrian television presenter and journalist who has hosted several Austrian news programs.
  • Konstantin Waldherr: German organist and conductor. He currently serves as the musical director of the Westphalian Philharmonic Orchestra.

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