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Surname Waldher - Meaning and Origin

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Waldher: What does the surname Waldher mean?

The last name Waldher is of German origin. It is derived from the German word waldher, meaning “ruler of the forest”. It is also thought to have derived from the personal name Walther, indicating a royal ancestor.

In the days when land was a major form of wealth, the Waldher surname was used by forest keepers or overseers. Later, it could also have been taken up by members of wealthy land-owning families or those with influence in the same areas. Waldher could also be an occupational surname for someone who worked as a forest guardian or gamekeeper.

The Waldher family name can be found recorded in many documents in Germany as well as other European countries dating back to the Middle Ages. Later spellings of the surname include Waldhauer, Waldhauchn and Waldhofer.

The surname Waldher is still commonly found in Germany today, and it can also be seen among people of German ancestry in the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Those who bear the Waldher name are proud of their family’s past and the significance that comes with the Waldher name.

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Waldher: Where does the name Waldher come from?

The surname "Waldher" is found in many countries today, but is especially common in parts of central Europe. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, the surname is fairly widespread, with some people even having the middle name Waldher. It is also common in the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Slovakia. In the US, it is most common in states with a strong German-American heritage, such as Wisconsin, where it is within the top 1,000 most common surnames.

Waldher is thought to have derived from the German words “wald” (forest) and “herr” (lord). It is likely that the surname was originally given to a lord who owned land or lived near a forest. Over time, the surname spread to different areas of central Europe and beyond.

The Waldher surname is often varied depending on the country in which it is held, with common variations including Woldher, Wallther, and Waldner. These variations form a small network of relatively related families across Europe.

The Waldher family name today appears to have both German and Austrian roots, and it is a popular surname throughout central Europe. With its old-world charm and connection to a family’s past, the Waldher surname continues to be popular and well-loved today.

Variations of the surname Waldher

The surname Waldher is of Germanic origins and arises from the given name Walter, which in turn originated from the Germanic words, “through” and “dominion”, thus meaning “ruler of the domain”.

Variants of Waldher include Wallher, Waller, Wallar, Walther, Walar, Waldherr, Waler, Waldhair, Waltoner, Waltner, and others. Variants with altered spelling include Waltar, Waldor, Walthar, Wauter, Walteh, Wallyer, Valthor, Valtor, Walder, Volder, and Valtair.

Surnames related to Waldher include Balder, Balter, Walder, Waldner, Waldner, Feldner, Felder, and Van der Haar.

The name finds its earliest usage in Germany within the late Medieval period, having been recorded in various charters and documents since the 12th century. It has since grown in popularity in many regions of the world, with a particularly large presence in southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Famous people with the name Waldher

  • Jack Waldher: Former NFL football player
  • Fridolf Waldher: Swedish composer active in the late-1800s
  • Ture Waldher: Swedish actor who made appearances in over 50 films
  • Richard Waldher: Holocaust survivor and author
  • Paul Waldher: Early 20th-century Austrian composer
  • Oskar Waldher: Olympic fencer for Sweden in 1912
  • Andrew Waldher: American Actor and Producer
  • William Waldher: American clarinetist
  • Tobias Waldher: Swedish composer and singer active in the 18th century
  • Mathilda Waldher: American sculptor active in the early 1900s

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