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Surname Wallendzus - Meaning and Origin

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Wallendzus: What does the surname Wallendzus mean?

Wallendzus is a rare German and Dutch surname, likely derived from the Middle High German words ‘walet’ or ‘wal’ which mean ‘wall’, and ‘Dusen’ which means ‘guard’ or ‘serve’. The name itself is most likely to have been originally borne by an individual who had some association with building or watchduties performed near a wall.

Wallendzus surname holders first begin to appear in German records from the middle of the 16th century. The earliest recorded reference of the name occurs in 1563, when Johannes Wallendzus was recorded as knight and a bailiff of the city of Querfurt. Over the centuries the surname spread across Germany, and a number of people with this surname were also found in the Netherlands.

Today, individuals with the last name Wallendzus are next to impossible to find. In Germany itself, records show that the number of people with this surname is estimated to be no more than sixty. In Germany, ninety percent of Wallendzus-holders reside in the city of Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, while in the Netherlands only eight people with the name live in the southern parts of the country.

The Wallendzus surname is an ancient and noble German and Dutch surname, and is indicative of a strong association with wall-building and watch duties. It is fascinating to consider that such a rare surname has managed to survive to the present day with its associated meaning still clear.

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Wallendzus: Where does the name Wallendzus come from?

The last name Wallendzus is a German surname that originated in Prussia, a historical region in Central Europe. Today, it is most commonly found throughout Germany, Poland, and the surrounding countries. Additionally, due to the large waves of immigration that began in the late 19th century, descendants of the original Wallendzus family have spread to many other parts of the world, particularly the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In the United States, the Wallendzus surname first appeared in the 1880 US Census, with 49 people carrying the Wallendzus surname. Today, the surname is relatively rare in the US, but there are still small pockets of Wallendzus families located in every corner of the country - from California and Oregon to Florida and New York.

In Germany, the name remains quite common, particularly in the eastern part of Germany. In the phone books of large cities like Berlin and Dresden, Wallendzus is still a commonly seen surname. Additionally, there are many smaller villages and towns throughout Germany where the Wallendzus surname remains prevalent.

To sum it up, today the Wallendzus surname can be found in German-speaking countries all over the world. Although the name is rare in some regions, in other places like Germany, Poland, and the US it remains a familiar household name.

Variations of the surname Wallendzus

Wallendzus is a German form surname. It is conjectured that the surname was derived from the Old German Waldhans which is an occupational name meaning “guard of the forest”, or one appointed to a royal hunting preserve.

Variants of Wallendzus include Wallentzus, Walentzus, Waleczko, Walkendo, Wallendsohn, Wallendsoeu, Wallondzus, Walenszus, Vollendzus, Wollenszus, Wehlendzus, Walenzus, Walenczus, and Vollenszus.

Common spellings of Wallendzus are Wallendzus, Walendzus, Wallendsohn, Wallenszus, Wallenzus, and Wollendzus.

Variations and other surnames derived from Wallendzus include Wollenzus, Wallensohn, Wallenchus, Walendo, Walanzo, Walenek, Walenczyk, Wallentine, Waliczek, and Welinzus.

Many of these surnames originated from provinces of German-speaking countries including Prussia, Bohemia, and Poland. Today, many German-speaking families with the surname Wallendzus and its variants trace their ancestry back to Prussia, the former East Germany, and the other countries in the area. Some families may even trace their ancestry back to the region before it became part of Germany.

The Wallendzus surname appears today in countries across Europe and the Americas, indicating its spread around the world. It has been passed down through the years, often anglicized to different spellings, and can still be found in various forms in many parts of the world.

Famous people with the name Wallendzus

  • Peter Wallendzus: Finnish footballer who was an important part of the successful Finnish national team in the early 90s and the late 2000s.
  • Max Wallendzus: German rock singer and voice artist, known for his throaty growls and yowling.
  • Eva Wallendzus: German cyclist and winner of multiple female cycling championships.
  • Susanna Wallendzus: Danish violinist and composer known for her light and expressive interpretation of classical music.
  • Pete Wallendzus: South African saxophonist, known for his fiery performances with a mix of jazz, funk, soul and Afrobeat.
  • Torrioria Wallendzus: Swedish actress and model, best known her roles in the television series The Bridge and Bron.
  • Francis Wallendzus: Dutch sculptor and painter, noted for his stone and bronze sculptures of fantasy characters.
  • Lars Wallendzus: Norwegian author, known for his books on the supernatural and paranormal.
  • Christian Wallendzus: Swiss ice hockey player and coach, instrumental in the development of Swiss ice hockey in the late 20th century.
  • Ulrik Wallendzus: Danish windsurfer, having represented Denmark at multiple international competitions.

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