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Surname Walper - Meaning and Origin

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Walper: What does the surname Walper mean?

The last name Walper is derived from the German word "walpen" which has a number of possible meanings, such as "to shovel", "wall", "hut", or "cabin". This surname is likely derived from a nickname or an occupational surname for someone involved in the labor of shoveling, such as a laborer or miner. It likely also referred to someone who lived in a walled hut or cabin, or someone who lived near a wall.

This surname can be found in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria particularly in the late 16th century, as well as in areas of the Midwest United States in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is an uncommon surname, with fewer than one thousand people having the last name in modern times.

The name Walper is often thought to be related to the Dutch and German word “walper”, meaning “strong” or “brave”, which could have been used in the sense of someone having strength or courage in their job. There is also a variation of the name that is “Walpus”, which is derived from “walpen”, meaning “clever” or “ skillful”. The surname may also be related to the German words “walpern” or “welp”, meaning “to protect”.

Overall, the last name Walper has originated from the German word “walpen” and alludes to someone with strength, courage, protection or skill in their job. It is an uncommon surname, with few bearing this name in modern times.

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Walper: Where does the name Walper come from?

Today, the last name Walper is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. It is estimated that there are roughly 800-900 individuals with this surname living in those countries.

In Germany, the highest concentration of Walpers can be found in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hessen, Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria. Further research suggests that most of the Walpers living in Germany are part of the small towns of Borken, Lippstadt, Delstern and Hachenburg.

In Austria, the Walper surname is most heavily concentrated around Vienna, Lower Austria and Salzburg. The vast majority of Walpers living in Austria are native German speakers.

In the Czech Republic, the surname is slightly less concentrated but still more numerous in the larger cities like Prague and Ostrava. Germanic heritage is common in the Czech Republic, so many people with the last name Walper are likely descended from recent German immigrants.

Moving on to Switzerland, the surname is much less common with the highest concentrations located in the Canton of Zurich and the city of Basel.

Overall, the last name Walper is most heavily concentrated in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, with some pockets of it also found in Switzerland. This suggests that the surname is most likely of Germanic origin. It is likely that more research would uncover a greater exacting origin of the surname.

Variations of the surname Walper

The surname Walper is a German surname derived from the personal name Walprecht. Variants of the surname include Wälper, Waelper, Walberger, Walbert, Waletter, Valper, Volper, and Välper.

Wälper is the most common variant and is the traditional German spelling of the surname. Waelper is another variant which is a modernized spelling of the name. Walberger is also a common variant and is derived from the German words ‘wal’ meaning forest and ‘berg’ meaning mountain.

Walbert/Walphart/Walpert is another variant derived from the personal name Walprecht. Waletter is derived from the German words meaning ‘the ruler of the forest’. Valper, Volper, and Välper are variants stemming from the use of the Latin prefex ‘V’ or ‘F’ and the combination of the German words ‘wal’ and ‘per’ meaning forest and ruler respectively.

The surname has spread to other countries with different spellings. In America the surname may be written as aWalper, Weller, Valpler, Waller or Woolper. In Britain it may be written as Walpoole, Woolpole, and Wollpole. In France the surname may appear as Waltepierre, Valprere, Volerpierre, and Valpierre.

Overall, the surname Walper may appear in various spellings and variants due to changes in spelling over time and its origins in multiple countries.

Famous people with the name Walper

  • William Walper Jr., investment banker and philanthropist
  • Charles Walper, American actor and director
  • Laura Walper, Canadian actress
  • Dale Walper, Canadian engineer, businessman and former politician
  • Dan Walper, American rear admiral
  • Bill Walper, Canadian actor, director, and producer
  • Frank Walper, American electrical engineer and inventor
  • Tim Walper, American teacher, author, and humorist
  • Judy Walper, Canadian figure skating coach
  • Kurt Walper, American choreographer

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