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Surname Walpersdorf - Meaning and Origin

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Walpersdorf: What does the surname Walpersdorf mean?

The last name Walpersdorf is of German origin and is most commonly associated with the small municipality of Walpersdorf, Lower Bavaria, Germany. The name is a combination of two words, ‘Walp’ and ‘Dorf’, which mean ‘trees’ and ‘village’ or ‘town’ respectively. It is assumed that this name was brought to Germany by a family living in either an established village near a wooded area, or a village that was built in a wooded area to provide shelter for the family.

The surname Walpersdorf has a number of origins and theories. Some suggest that the name is derived from the pre-7th century personal names ‘Walp’ and ‘Swald’ which mean ‘forest’ and ‘wood’. Other theories hold that the name is derived from a place name, such as Walpersdorf in Germany and Walpersdorff in Austria, which date back to the 13th and 14th centuries.

Walpersdorf surnames are still widespread in Germany today and across parts of Austria and Switzerland. Those with the surname often take pride in their family’s old-world ancestry, which dates back many centuries to the Medieval and early modern era of Europe. The Walpersdorf surname is one that is steeped in history and Germanic culture.

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Walpersdorf: Where does the name Walpersdorf come from?

The last name Walpersdorf is most commonly found in Germany today. Although the name may not be as widespread as some of the most popular German last names like Müller or Schröder, it can be found in different regions of the country.

In some cases, the Walpersdorf name has been shortened, making it more difficult to trace its origin. There are records suggesting that the family first appeared in the Würzburg area, but other sources, such as the 1853-1939 Prussian family register, mention that it may have originated in the Eifel region in the German province of Rhineland-Palatinate.

The last name Walpersdorf is thought to have been derived from the name Wapler meaning one who keeps records and stores grains. It's likely that Walpersdorf was a profession name, likely used by those who kept records or acted as custodians.

Today, some of the documented locations where the last name Walpersdorf exists are in villages such as Mainzweiler, Gundersweiler, and Föckelberg in the Eifel region. Additionally, there are records of Walpersdorf surname in both the Sudetenland and East Prussia.

The current population bearing the Walpersdorf name in Germany is considered a small minority. However, due to the historical presence of this last name, it is still possible to find it in various parts of Germany.

Variations of the surname Walpersdorf

The surname Walpersdorf is derived from a small village in Germany. It is believed to have come from the two words 'walper' and 'sdorf' which can translate in English to mean 'farmer's village'. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Walpersdorf include Walperdorf, Walperzdorf, Waupersdorf, Vaupersdorf, Valperdorf, Valpersdorff, Walbersdorff and Wallpfersdorf.

Walperdorf is a common variant of the original surname Walpersdorf. This variation of the surname is also believed to have originated in Germany but has since become more common in other parts of Europe such as Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The spelling Valpersdorff is also a variation of the original surname and can be found in some records of Germany from the 1600s.

The surname Waupersdorf is the German spelling of Walpersdorf and is usually documented as being a northern German surname from the region of Schleswig-Holstein. Vaupersdorf is another spelling variation of Walpersdorf and is found mainly in Austria. Valperdorf is a spelling that is found more often in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The last common spelling variation of Walpersdorf is Wallpfersdorf and it is usually documented as being from the area of Prussia in Germany.

In conclusion, the surname Walpersdorf has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Walperdorf, Waupersdorf, Vaupersdorf, Valperdorf, Valpersdorff, Walbersdorff and Wallpfersdorf. Each of these variations can be traced back to a Germanic origin but some have become more common in other European countries through migration and immigration.

Famous people with the name Walpersdorf

  • Sophie Walpersdorf, German fashion designer
  • Dr. Ernst Walpersdorf, Austrian neurologist
  • Countess Lissy Walpersdorf, former Austrian aristocrat
  • Regine Walpersdorf, German actress
  • Ulrike Walpersdorf, German television and radio presenter
  • George Walpersdorf, American actor
  • Janine Walpersdorf, German actress
  • Eva Walpersdorf, Spanish singer
  • Karl Walpersdorf, German painter/sculptor
  • Marie Walpersdorf, Swiss-German writer
  • Kurt Walpersdorf, German sculptor
  • Lothar Walpersdorf, Austrian actor
  • Lenore Walpersdorf, German actress
  • Margarete Walpersdorf, Austrian singer/musician
  • Ernestine Walpersdorf, Austrian opera singer
  • Freddy Walpersdorf, Panamanian jazz musician
  • Nora Walpersdorf, German author
  • Alfred Walpersdorf, Austrian politician
  • Marcel Walpersdorf, Swiss conductor
  • Helene Walpersdorf, Brazilian architect

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