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Surname Warshawer - Meaning and Origin

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Warshawer: What does the surname Warshawer mean?

The surname Warshawer is of Ashkenazic Jewish origin and is linked to geographical locations and derived from the name of the capital city of Poland, Warsaw. In Yiddish, Warsaw is known as 'Varsho', 'Varshe', or 'Warsha'. The 'er' ending suggests a person originating from that place. So a Warshawer can be seen as someone from Warsaw. This kind of surname was often adopted by Jewish families in Eastern Europe, where they would take the name of a city or town as their own last name. However, the specific meanings or deeper historical roots of the surname Warshawer can be difficult to identify without an individual or family's specific genealogical history.

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Warshawer: Where does the name Warshawer come from?

The last name Warshawer is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the US Census Bureau, the surname was the 8,622nd most common last name in the US in 2020. It occurs more frequently than the average of all surnames, with approximately 0.08 of every 1,000 people sharing the last name.

The surname is more prominent in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, the surname ranks 5,508th in terms of frequency. In New Jersey, it ranks 5,605th. Together, these two states make up 96% of all current individuals in the United States with the last name Warshawer.

States with the highest concentrations of Warshawer include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, California, New York and Florida. Within these states, the most popular cities are Philadelphia, Haverford, Riverside, Lauderhill, Yonkers, and Kendall. As of 2020, there are 2,911 people in the US who share the last name Warshawer.

The origins of the surname Warshawer are unknown. Some researchers believe that it may be of Germanic or Jewish origin, although this is still uncertain.

The surname, along with its various spellings, is still found occasionally in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom, although much more rarely than in the United States.

Variations of the surname Warshawer

The surname Warshawer is a variant of the surname Warshauer, which is typically German or Ashkenazi Jewish in origin. Other variants of the name include Warshauer, Warschauer, Warshaw, Varshavsky, Varshafter and Varshaver. The name is often spelled Warschauer, Warshower and Warshovy as well.

In some cases, the surname may have been Anglicized from Warschauer into Warshawer. It is believed to be derived from the Polish city of Warsaw, in which case the surname Warshawer would have first been used to denote people from the city of Warsaw.

In Yiddish, the name Warschauer has the meaning of “one from Silesia”, which is an area of Germany and Poland. This is likely where the surname originated, as many Jewish families living in this region were likely to bear this last name.

Other related surnames which derive from the same root include Warschaga, Warschall, warzkl, Wargsz, Warshager, Warshawski, Warshavsky, Winsor, Winakur and Winsker.

Finally, the surname may also be related to the Ashkenazi name Warsoff, which means “Russian” or “Slavic”.

In conclusion, the surname Warshawer is a variant of the name Warshauer, and may have originated from the city of Warsaw. It may also be a variant of other surnames such as Warsoff, Warschall, Wargsz, Warshager, Warshawski, Warshavsky, Winsor, Winakur, Winsker and Warschaga.

Famous people with the name Warshawer

  • Emily Warshawer: author of HIV/AIDS advocacy and award winning teen health magazines.
  • Bruce Warshawer: philanthropist and president of the Warshawer Foundation.
  • Harvey Warshawer: paleontologist who had a major impact on fisheries and fish-farming.
  • Belina Warshawer: activist in the school food movement who advocated for clean, nutritious lunch programs for children.
  • Marion Warshawer: a judge on the 5th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals.
  • David Warshawer: conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
  • Rachel Warshawer: award-winning author, internationally renown for her poetry and plays in Yiddish.
  • Marion Warshawer: an anthropologist and Holocaust survivor, published numerous books and articles.
  • Steven Warshawer: accountant and businessman, famous for founding and expanding numerous tech-based companies.
  • Andrea Warshawer: artist and environmentalist, known for her nature-inspired artwork.

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