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Surname Warshawski - Meaning and Origin

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Warshawski: What does the surname Warshawski mean?

Warshawski is a surname of Polish origin, derived from the name of Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. The "ski" suffix in the Polish language often denotes place of origin or belonging, so Warshawski may imply "from Warsaw". This surname would have likely been adopted by people originating from Warsaw, signifying their regional connection. Being a Polish-Jewish surname, its prevalence increased due to Jewish migration from Poland to other parts of the world. Like many surnames, it has experienced various spellings changes over time and across different regions. The meaning and origin do not denote any particular trait, profession, or status. Notable people with this surname include Sara Paretsky's fictional detective character V.I. Warshawski. Variations of this surname may include Warszawski, Warshofsky, and Warszewski.

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Warshawski: Where does the name Warshawski come from?

The last name Warshawski is most commonly found in the United States today. The name is thought to be of German origin, and it likely originated in the central part of Germany near Poland. The earliest recorded use of the name can be traced back to 1504 in the town of Waraschowitz. From there, the name spread across Europe, including into England, Ireland, and France. Over time, the name made its way to America with immigrants seeking a better life. It is now most commonly found within the United States, especially in areas with large populations of Americans of German or Polish descent, such as parts of Wisconsin and Illinois. In the 2010 US census, it was estimated that there were about 2,000 people who bore this last name. Others may be using other spellings, such as Warzaw, Wrosch, Warshaw, and Wrozowski. It is also believed that there are some individuals who have adopted the name with no direct ancestry, perhaps in tribute to the famous Warshawski detective novels by Sara Paretsky.

Variations of the surname Warshawski

The surname Warshawski is a Jewish surname originating in Poland. A number of variants, spellings, and surnames stem from this origin.

The most common variations of the surname Warshawski are Warzawski, Warsawsky, Warsofsky, Warschiowski, Vargas, Varshevsky, Varsovsky, or Warszewski. The surname can also be spelled differently; for example, Warsonski, Wortschanski, Warasinski and Warschawsko.

Other surnames of a similar origin include Warszawska, Warszawski, Warsojovski, Warsawskaja, Warzhiwski, Warzolawski, Warzonski, Warschawskij, and Vargas-Warshawski.

In the German language, Warshawski is sometimes rendered as Warshawsky, Werschowsky, or Werschowski.

In the Russian language, Warshawski can be presented as Varshonkov, Warsevsky, Varshovskiy, Varzhevskiy, Varshavsky, Warshevski, Varshavchik, Varzhev, and Warszowski.

In Yiddish, the surname Warshawski is sometimes used interchangeably with Warshofsky, Warszawski, Warshevski, Warsofsky, and Warszawsky.

The surname Warshawski can also be found in other countries such as England, Canada, the United States, Argentina, and Israel. In these nations, the surname may be found spelled Warzawsky, Warszawska, Warsofsky, Warshawsky, or Warsovsky.

Famous people with the name Warshawski

  • Sara Warshawski, American former competitive figure skater.
  • Victoria Warshawski, American boxing promoter.
  • Peggy Warshawski, American former basketball player.
  • Vicki Warshawski, American actress.
  • Mark Warshawski, American former basketball player.
  • John Warshawski, American former professional baseball player.
  • Bob Warshawski, American former professional baseball player.
  • Walter Warshawski, American politician.
  • Stephen Warshawski, American television producer and director.
  • Paul Warshawski, American former soccer player.
  • Soslan Warshawski, Russian Mari ancient vocalist, poet and composer.
  • Lisa Warshawski, American Democratic politician.
  • Lou Warshawski, American former professional ice hockey player.
  • Thor Warshawski, American former baseball player.
  • Johnny Warshawski, American actor.
  • Chris Warshawski, British world-renowned fitness and martial arts expert.
  • Bill Warshawski, American author and journalist.
  • Jordy Warshawski, American reality television contestant.
  • Sidney Warshawski, American rabbi.
  • Everett Warshawski, American former professional football player.

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