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Surname Weathersbee - Meaning and Origin

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Weathersbee: What does the surname Weathersbee mean?

The surname Weathersbee is of English origin and believed to be a regional or locational name, derived from a place name. The components of the name can be broken down into "weathers", which in old English could possibly refer to a type of sheep, often a wether or castrated ram, and "bee" is likely a shortened form of "by", a term indicating "village" or "settlement". Therefore, an interpretation of Weathersbee could be "a village of sheep" or "settlement of the weathers". As with many surnames, they often began as descriptors used to distinguish individuals by their occupations, locations, or personal attributes. Such locational names were usually given to the Lord of the Manor or to those who moved from their birthplace to another location. Please note that surname meanings can vary and may not definitively state the origin, history, or intended meaning. The meaning presented here is a hypothesis based on linguistic elements and historical context.

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Weathersbee: Where does the name Weathersbee come from?

The last name Weathersbee can be found common throughout the United States. It has a high concentration on the East Coast, particularly in the southeastern states of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. According to data from the United States Census Bureau, Weathersbee appears as the 247th most common surname nationwide, showing that it is reasonably widespread.

In Georgia alone, 3,247 Weathersbees were counted in the 2010 Census, representing a rise of nearly tenfold since the 2000 count of 372. Similarly, in South Carolina there were 1,081 Weathersbees counted in the 2010 Census, compared to only 278 in the 2000 count. This indicates a steady rise in the popularity of the surname in these areas over the past two decades.

The highest concentration of Weathersbees is in the small town of Robinsonville, Alabama, population 772, where more than 10% of the town’s population are Weathersbees. This is thought to be due, at least in part, to the fact that many families have stayed in the area for generations.

Overall, the last name Weathersbee is still relatively common and is likely to remain so in the years to come. With its roots in the southeast United States, it is likely to spread to other areas as people move and intermarry.

Variations of the surname Weathersbee

Weathersbee is an English patronymic surname and is derived from the father's name, Wether. Variations of the Weathersbee surname include Weatherby, Weatherbie, Weatherbee, Weatherly, Weathers, Weatherson, and Wethersby.

The spelling variations found in the Weathersbee surname result from the various language translations of the English name into French, Spanish, and German. The various spellings are Weathersbee, Wethersby, Weathrby, and Wetherbee.

The surnames Weathers and Weatherson are assumed to have arisen from the original Weathersbee surname. It is possible that the name may have mutated to Weathers due to incorrect spellings, or from pronunciation changes that occurred over time.

Weatherly is a variation of the Weathersbee surname and may have originally been Weatherleye or Weatherlee. This spelling variation is thought to have resulted from a dialectal change.

The surname Weatherell is related to the Weathersbee surname, as it is derived from similar names that meant "the bell of the weather." This name was used to refer to someone who was an expert at forecasting, as bells were historically used as a signal to foreshadow the weather.

The surname Wethersby is thought to have derived from the original Weathersbee surname and may have had a dialectal spelling change to Wethrscby or Wetherscby.

In conclusion, there are numerous spelling and surname variations of the Weathersbee name, arising from dialectal changes, incorrect spellings, and language translations. all of these spellings are derived from the English patronymic name Wether.

Famous people with the name Weathersbee

  • Pat Weathersbee: a former college football coach
  • Inky Weathersbee: an American professional golfer
  • George Weathersbee: a former major league baseball pitcher
  • Arthur Weathersbee: an American football executive
  • Mildred Weathersbee: a civil rights activist and educator
  • Donald Weathersbee: an American boxer
  • Kelly Weathersbee: an American actress
  • Wilbert Weathersbee: an American politician
  • Carl Weathersbee: a former NFL running back
  • Maurice Weathersbee: an American football player

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