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Surname Weathers - Meaning and Origin

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Weathers: What does the surname Weathers mean?

The surname Weathers is of Anglo-Saxon origin and derived from the Old English pre 7th Century word "weder" which means weather. As an occupational surname, it was likely originally bestowed upon an individual whose job involved forecasting or studying weather patterns, a weather forecaster. Alternatively, it could also have been a nickname given to someone with an often changeable nature or disposition, again drawing a parallel with varying weather conditions. It may also be associated with a location, such as a house or settlement located in an area of unpredictable or harsh weather. Like many surnames, the exact origin and meaning can often be difficult to trace with certainty due to shifting linguistic, cultural, and geographic factors over centuries. Additionally, the surname Weathers might have different meanings in other cultures and languages. Variations of the surname include Wether, Wedder, Weather, and others. As with many other surnames, its meaning and origination can be multiple and complex.

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Weathers: Where does the name Weathers come from?

The last name Weathers is most commonly found in the United States today, particularly in the Southeast. The state of Georgia has the highest concentration of Weathers families, with towns like Marietta, Dallas, and Dublin all hosting sizable populations of the family name. Additionally, the states of Texas and Alabama have large populations of people carrying the Weathers last name.

It is believed that the origin of the Weathers family name comes from the Olde English origin of the word "weder," which had several meanings, including weather and season. As a result, it is much more common to find Weathers families living in warmer climates, like those in the Southeast. The traditional English spelling of Weathers is also still commonly used in the United States.

In terms of global distribution, Weathers families are most often found in the United Kingdom. In fact, Weathers is among the most common family names in England and Wales. However, as with the United States, Weathers families are found all over the world.

Overall, the last name Weathers is most commonly found in the United States, especially in the Southeast. That said, Weathers families can be found in nearly every corner of the globe as well, including in the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Weathers

The Weathers surname is an occupational surname which originated from the Old English word "waeter". This word referred to labourers who lived or worked near water, such as fishermen or boatmen, and it eventually became the name of those who worked outdoors in all types of weather.

Variants of this surname include Waters, Wetter, Wedder, Wetherelle and Wetherell.

Spellings of Weathers often differ from country to country. Examples include Waters, Weathres, and Wathers.

Surnames of a similar origin to Weathers include Watherston, Wetherill, Withers, Wetherington and Weatherbee.

The Weathers surname is quite common in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and can also be found in France and the United States. It is relatively uncommon in other parts of the world.

Famous people with the name Weathers

  • Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers): Professional Boxer from the Rocky Film Series
  • Byron Weathers: American Football Player
  • Harrison Weathers: Banker and businessman
  • Peter Weathers: NFL Player
  • Jack Weathers: English Actor
  • H. Wiley Weathers: Businessman and Author
  • Dee Dee Weathers: American Actress
  • Darryl Weathers: Basketball Player
  • Vivian Weathers: Actress and Singer
  • Lee Weathers: Professional Golfer
  • Kasey Weathers: Musician
  • Tyree Weathers: Football Player
  • Steve Weathers: MLB Player
  • Mylene Weathers: Artist
  • Bryant Weathers: Musician
  • Ben Weathers: Singer
  • Frank Weathers: Actor
  • Alexis Weathers: Children’s Author
  • Luci Weathers: Actress
  • Buzzy Weathers: Singer and Actor

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