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Surname Weatherlee - Meaning and Origin

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Weatherlee: What does the surname Weatherlee mean?

The surname Weatherlee is of English origin and it’s derived from geographical location traits. The name is likely a combination of two Old English words "wether," which means sheep, and "leah," usually translating to meadow, pasture, or clearing. Therefore, Weatherlee could potentially mean "sheep's meadow" or "pasture of sheep." This suggests that the original bearers of this surname could have been sheep farmers or lived near a sheep pasture. It’s important to note that the last name Weatherlee is not very common today and can be subject to variations in its spelling. In any case, like most surnames, unpacking the meaning involves understanding cultural, geographical, and historical influences, and the interpretation may not fully represent the true heritage of all families bearing the surname today.

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Weatherlee: Where does the name Weatherlee come from?

The last name Weatherlee is most frequent in the United States today. According to the United States Census Bureau, the last name is most commonly found in the South and Southeast, with the greatest concentration of individuals being located in Alabama. Statistics from the census show that there were 2,557 Weatherlee households in 2019 with a median household income of $51,950.

The last name Weatherlee is of English origin and is first recorded in 1720 when James Weatherlee was serving in the English army. It also can be found in Scotland and Ireland during or before the 17th century. In Scotland, the name appears as “Warlic,” while in Ireland it is “Uallaigh.”

Today, the Weatherlee name is applied to businesses and people in various industries including furniture, fashion, interior design, and automotive sales. The Weatherlee family has created many successful companies including the Weatherlee Furniture Manufacturing Corporation, founded by Henry Weatherlee in 1869, which had locations across the United States. Individuals with the Weatherlee name have also achieved success in a variety of fields including the arts and entertainment industry, where actor and television host Mark Weatherlee has achieved great success in the Los Angeles area.

The Weatherlee name continues to remain one of the most common surnames in the United States today.

Variations of the surname Weatherlee

The surname Weatherlee is a variant of the Scottish surname Watherlie. It is an Anglicization of the Gaelic surname Mac an t-Soursair, which means "son of the navigator". The surname Weatherlee is primarily found in Scotland and Northern England.

Common variants and spellings of the Weatherlee surname include Wetherlie, Watherlee, Wetherly, Watherly, Wetherlay, Wetherla, Watherla, Wetherley, Wetherly, Wetherlay, Wetherla, Wetherlae, Wertherlay, Weatherly, Watherlee, and Watherly.

The surname Weatherlee has a number of other variants and spellings which may be found in different parts of Scotland and England, including Macentosour, Macantosour, Macentosouer, Macantosouer, Machantomace, Mantosour, Mathamace, and Macintosour.

Surnames with similar origins and derivations include MacIntosh, MacKintosh, MacKenzie, MacWhirter, MacWhorter, McFarlane, and McFeeley.

Famous people with the name Weatherlee

  • Chase Weatherlee: Professional eSports Player and Streamer
  • Jena Weatherlee: Professional Wrestler and MMA Fighter
  • Dwight Weatherlee: Former NFL cornerback
  • Jack Weatherlee: Professional Golfer
  • Laura Weatherlee: Singer/Songwriter
  • Austin Weatherlee: Actor known for his roles in Major League and Little Man
  • Fiona Weatherlee: Olympic Medalist in Figure Skating
  • Mackenzie Weatherlee: Musician, Actor and Influencer
  • Sean Weatherlee: Former Major League Baseball player
  • Christopher Weatherlee: Actor and YouTube Star

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