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Surname Weischnors - Meaning and Origin

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Weischnors: What does the surname Weischnors mean?

The last name Weischnors is derived from the German language and is a combination of two separate words. The first word "Weis" means white in German, and the later word "Schonor" is part of the geographic name "Schonau," which when put together means "white from Schonau."

It's believed that this surname originated in Germany during the medieval ages; during this time, people had to start taking on hereditary surnames after feudalism was introduced across Europe. The Weischnors surname was likely created to differentiate various families from the same regions and help identify which family a person belonged to.

The variants of this surname include Weisschnors, Weischnore, Weisschnore and Weischner, which are all derived from the original version. The surname is found mainly in Central and Northern Europe, and is notably very rare in the United States.

Overall, the surname Weischnors is an old European name derived from the German language and is believed to have descended from a region in Germany. The name was developed to help differentiate various families from the same region and even with its various variants, is rare today.

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Weischnors: Where does the name Weischnors come from?

The surname Weischnors is not a very common name today, but it is still used in a number of countries. The earliest recorded instance of the Weischnors surname is from Germany, and was first noted in the 16th century, suggesting that the family originated in that country. Today, the Weischnors surname is still found throughout much of Europe, particularly in parts of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria.

The Weischnors surname has also emigrated to other parts of the world since the 16th century. There are small pockets of Weischnors families in North and South America, the Middle East, and Australia. The name is especially common in Brazil, where the vast majority of Weischnors families now live.

In the United States, there are fewer occurrences of the Weischnors surname than in some other parts of the world. According to the Social Security Administration, Weischnors is the 4,321st most popular surname in the US, with only 269 people bearing the name. Most of those people are concentrated in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, with small populations in California and Florida.

In the 21st century, the Weischnors surname is still in use, but it is not a common name. The Weischnors family has left its mark in history and continues to be found throughout the world in small populations, carrying on the legacy of the surname’s origins in Germany.

Variations of the surname Weischnors

Weischnors is a German-origin surname. It is derived from the Old German word "wisknorz," meaning "guard" or "protector of the forest." Variations of this surname include Weischner, Weishner, Wischners, Wischnorer, Wischnor, Wiscknorz, Weischnerz, Weischnerzs, Wyschnors, and Wischnowrs.

Weishner is the most common variant spelling of Weischnors. It is widely used in contemporary Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Weischnerz is another major variant, popular in parts of Central and Western Europe. Teutonic spelling is also common in Germany and Austria, where it is spelled Wischners.

Wischnowrs, on the other hand, is a less common spelling of the surname, typically used in English-speaking countries. In the United States, Wischnor has emerged as a popular variation. The spelling Wyschnors is sometimes used in Poland and other Eastern European countries, although it is quite rare.

The Weischnors surname is shared by a few notable individuals. These include Austrian diplomat Johann Weischner, founder of the Weischner Brewery in Bavaria; German botanist Franz Weischner; and American canine behavioral scientist, Dr.Lorin Weischnor.

Famous people with the name Weischnors

  • Richard Weischnor- German actor born in 1950 who is well known for roles such as Karl-Heinz Alles in the television series SOKO 5113 and Georg Schlitzer in the television series Alarm für Cobra 11.
  • Justin Weischnor- Canadian singer-songwriter who has released several albums and is the founder of the band Grizzly Coast.
  • Erich Weischnor- German journalist and writer born in 1941 who wrote books such as Schranz: Geschichte und Kultur einer elektronischen Musik.
  • Robert Weischnor- Belgian sculptor who created sculptures such as the Monaincha Memorial Arch as well as works for churches and city halls.
  • Robert Weischnor- American media executive and the former president & COO of the American entertainment company Lionsgate.
  • Bernhard Weischnor- German artist and painter who has exhibited in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, London, and Paris.
  • Ernst Weischnor- Austrian painter mainly known for his landscape and genre scenes.
  • Ralph Weischnor- German composer and educator who is a professor at the Universität der Künste Berlin.
  • Bernd Weischnor- German actor born in 1962 who starred in films such as Velvet and Burning Moon.
  • Johannes Weischnor- German military officer born in 1899 and recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross for his services in World War II.

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