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Surname Weischnur - Meaning and Origin

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Weischnur: What does the surname Weischnur mean?

The last name Weischnur is of German origin. It is derived from the Old German word "wíschnur," which translates to "willow branch." This name was likely taken on as a surname by the original bearer, who most likely had a connection or occupation related to willow plants.

The surname Weischnur was most likely derived from a profession. Those with the last name may have been involved in activities related to willow branches, such as selling them, weaving baskets with them, or crafting goods from them. There is also a possibility that the original bearer may have lived near a willow tree, which was symbolic or meaningful to them.

Today, the last name Weischnur is still common in Germany, where it is especially prominent in the region of Bavaria. It is also known in other areas of Europe, including Austria and Poland, as well as other countries around the world, including the United States and Canada.

Though the last name Weischnur has multiple possible origins, its foundational source is still the Old German word, “wíschnur,” which translates to ‘willow branch.’ A meaningful profession or relationship to a beloved willow tree likely lent this name to the original bearer. The last name has since been used as a way to connect with the original bearer’s past and is still well-known and respected today.

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Weischnur: Where does the name Weischnur come from?

The last name Weischnur is most common in Austria and Germany today. It is thought to derive from the Old High German "Wīslēnur," meaning “member of the meadow.” Weischnur is a relatively uncommon name outside of German-speaking countries, although it can be found in the United States. In the US census of 2000, there were 213 individuals listed with the last name Weischnur.

The most significant concentration of Weischnurs in the US was in New York, with 35 individuals listed in the 2000 census. Other states hosting a notable concentration included Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Generally, a handful of individuals listed with the surname Weischnur have been recorded in most states.

Outside of the US, the Weischnur surname is most commonly found in Austria and Germany. In the Austrian census of 2001, the name Weischnur had 284 occurrences. In Germany, in the 2011 national census, 810 individuals were registered with this surname.

Given its geographic origin and common spelling variations, it is possible that the surname Weischnur may have been adopted by migrants from Europe of German descent to the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries. As with any such transfer of surnames from one region to another, the Weischnur surname has evolved over time in the form of spelling variants and ethnic variations in usage.

Variations of the surname Weischnur

Weischnur is a surname of German origin derived from the words “weiß” meaning "white" or "pale" and “Schnur” meaning "a string", "a cord" or "a thread". It is likely that the original name bearers were manufacturers or traders of string, twine or yarn.

The spelling variations of Weischnur surname are Weischnaar, Wischnur, Weißnur, Weiznun, Wischnuar, Wischnuer, Wischnoar, and Wisschnur, among others.

The same surname has been recorded in America under various forms such as Weissner, Wisner, Wyssner, Wisehner, Wiessner, Wyssner, Weissner, Wisnauer, Wisner, Weisner, and Weishener.

In Britain, however, the surname is quite rare and is usually spelt as Wisener or Wysner.

The different variants of Weischnur can also be found in various other countries, for instance in Sweden the surname appears as Weesner, Weißner, Weisne, Vessner and Vizer, in Holland it can be found as Wisner, Wisnord, Wiseholz and Wisener, in France it appears as Wissner and Vissner, and in Hungary as Veiszner.

Another variant that appears in Eastern Europe and Russia is Vaysner, and in Austria it is Wisentrager, while in Italy it manifests as Vessner.

Overall, Weischnur is an uncommon surname, but with numerous spelling variations to choose from, its origin is easy to trace.

Famous people with the name Weischnur

  • Laura Weischnur: Swiss professional Alpine skier
  • Ben Weischnur: American artist, sculptor and commercial designer
  • Leonard Weischnur: Peter Max's former business manager
  • Martin Weischnur: German politician
  • Laura Weischnur: Marionette designer and toy maker
  • Adam Weischnur: American entertainment executive
  • Max Weischnur: Austrian entrepreneur
  • Carol Weischnur: Holocaust survivor
  • R. Michael Weischnur: Rabbi and author
  • Barry Weischnur: American film producer
  • Charles Weischnur: Australian novelist
  • Shira Weischnur: Israeli-American violinist and voice actress
  • Miriam Weischnur: Israeli-American clarinetist

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