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Surname Weishaar - Meaning and Origin

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Weishaar: What does the surname Weishaar mean?

The surname Weishaar is of German origin, first found in the region around Bavaria. It is believed to be derived from the Germanic words Wisanhar, which translates to "guardian of the pass". The name is likely a reference to someone who worked as a gatekeeper or mountain guard.

Historically, those with the Weishaar surname were often found guarding castle gates, boundaries, mountain passes, or other important sites. As a result, they became associated with honor, reliability, trustworthiness, and duty.

The Weishaar surname also reflects religious and cultural values since it is derived from a Germanic language. Germanic people had a strong sense of loyalty to their peers and clans, and the Weishaar name implies a willingness to protect and serve this loyalty.

Today, the Weishaar surname is commonly seen as a marker of courage and strong family values. Weishaar families are commonly seen as embodying these qualities, such as strong loyalty to one another and a dedication to their workflow. It is often seen as a way of honoring one's ancestors and their values.

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Weishaar: Where does the name Weishaar come from?

The last name Weishaar is German in origin, and the German spelling of the surname is Weißhaar. Today, Weishaar is commonly found throughout the United States. Census records from 1920 list the most common states with Weishaar families as Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio. Outside of the U.S., Weishaar is also widely found in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. The German Ancestry Project puts the number of Weishaar's living in Germany at around 1400, with the greatest concentration in and around Munich.

The surname Weishaar is derived from the German word "Weiß" meaning white and "haar" meaning hair. It is believed that the name was given to families in the Middle Ages who had a distinct light hair color. The coats of arms of the Weishaar family coat has two griffons on either side of the crest, and the crest features a knight on horseback in Armor holding a lance with a flag or banner.

In the United States, physical records show the Weishaar family settling together in the Midwest in the mid-1800s. Pioneers, Wilhelm, Carl, and George Heißhaar are originally recognized as the founding members of this distinct family. Today, the Heisshaar spelling of the surname is common in the United States but is rarely used in Europe.

Variations of the surname Weishaar

Weishaar is a Germanic name derived from the word ‘wish’, meaning will, desire, or wish. It is also believed to be a variation of the German name, Wiesehauer. Variants of Weishaar include Waishear, Weishear, Weishar, Weishauer, Weisheer, Waishar, Waishauer, Waisheer, and Weeshaar.

Spellings of the surname are also numerous, and include Weyshar, Weysheer, Waishar, Waysheer, Weyshear, Weyshauer, Waishear, Waishauer, Waysear, and Weisheer, among others.

Surnames of the same origin as Weishaar include Wieshauer, Wishaw, Wishner, Wisener, Wishear, and Wyshauer. The Wishner spelling of the surname is particularly common, and originates from the use of the German word ‘Wish’- literally meaning will.

In conclusion, Weishaar is a Germanic surname originating from the word ‘wish’ with numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Common variants of the surname include Weyshar, Weisheer, and Waishar, while common spellings of the surname include Weishar, Weisheer, and Waishauer. Surnames of the same origin as Weishaar include Wieshauer, Wishaw, Wishner, Wisener, and Wyshauer.

Famous people with the name Weishaar

  • Bruce Weishaar: Retired professional soccer goalkeeper from the United States.
  • Chris Weishaar: Animated film and video game writer based in the United States.
  • Derek Weishaar: Former professional baseball pitcher from Canada.
  • Britton Weishaar: American musician and songwriter.
  • Zack Weishaar: Professional golfer from the United States.
  • Cliff Weishaar: American watercolor and oil painter.
  • Daisy Weishaar: Former professional baseball player from the United States.
  • Lou Weishaar: American baseball coach and scout.
  • Frank Weishaar: Retired German football defender.
  • Jeff Weishaar: American 3D sculptor and digital artist.

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