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Surname Weishar - Meaning and Origin

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Weishar: What does the surname Weishar mean?

The last name Weishar is of German origin and is composed of two roots: Wis (knowledge or wisdom) and Har (army). In essence, the name is thought to mean someone who is wise and knowledgeable in the ways of the army.

The first-known recorded usage of the Weishar surname dates back as far as 1450 in Germany when Johann Weishar was noted as a resident of Danzig. This suggests that Weishar was an old and prominent family name in Germany, although the exact origin is unknown. The Weishar surname gradually spread through Europe, and by the late 1750s, it had also made its way to America.

Throughout the centuries, the Weishar name has remained in Germany, where it has evolved along two distinct lines: one focusing on education, medicine and science; and the other on military matters. Indeed, research has found that many members of the Weishar family have served in the German armed forces and held prominent military positions.

Today, the Weishar surname is still found in many countries around the world, from the United States to Azerbaijan. For anyone interested in their own family history, the Weishar name is also one to consider researching. Whether you are a descendant of this old German family or just curious about its origin, the meaning of the name has remained unchanged throughout the centuries: Wise in the ways of the army.

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Weishar: Where does the name Weishar come from?

The last name Weishar is most commonly found in Europe, particularly Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Within Germany, the name is particularly concentrated around the Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg regions, as well as in the city of Munich.

In the US, the Weishar surname is primarily concentrated in the Northeastern states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. The Weishar surname also has a strong presence in several major cities including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore.

The Weishar surname has also spread to other parts of the world. It can be found in North and South America, Australia, and parts of Africa.

Weishar is also an uncommon name in other parts of the world. Some people from the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East.

The origin of the Weishar surname is likely to have come from an ancestor who originated from the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany. This region is now located in southwest Germany, and was previously part of the Holy Roman Empire and later part of Prussia. This name may have been derived from the word “Wischar” which means “whisker” in German.

In summary, the Weishar surname is commonly found in Europe, particularly Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, and certain parts of the US, such as Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. It is also present in other parts of the world, although not as commonly. The origin of the surname is likely to have come from a German ancestor the Rhineland-Palatinate region.

Variations of the surname Weishar

Weishar is a surname that has been found in several countries across Europe and North America. It is believed to have originated from the German name Wieser or Weiser, which is derived from the Old High German "wiesan," meaning "meadow."

Variations of this surname include Weisar, Weihs, Weishuer, Weischer, Weischar, Weishuar, Weishual, Weishar, and Weikar. Some other slightly modified versions of this surname that can also be seen include Wieser, Weisker, and Weiskerhof.

The spelling of this name is often determined by the region in which it is used. There are instances where the surname is written with a double s instead of a single s, such as Weisshar, or with a slightly modified spelling such as Weishard.

The variants of this surname are usually associated with a specific family branch which can be traced by researching ancestral records. For example, the Weishar family originally hails from Central Europe, while the Weisker family is believed to have descended from Norway.

In the United States, variants of this surname include Weisshaar, Weishar, Weiser, Weisser, and Weishore, while its British counterparts include Wisear, Wisehar, and Weishear.

Overall, Weishar is a surname with various variants and spellings, each of which lend to its unique identity. While it may have been used by various families throughout Europe and America, these variants all have a common origin, indicating a shared family history.

Famous people with the name Weishar

  • Trey Weishar: Former Notre Dame football player and a Lou Holtz/Player of the Year award recipient
  • Alexandra Weishar: Blonde actress and singer best known for her roles on television and in musical theatre
  • Reuben Weishar: US Navy sailor and Medal of Honor recipient from World War II
  • August Weishar: German Catholic priest, theologian and archiepiscopal chaplain
  • Bill Weishar: American former college basketball player, coach and athletics director
  • John Weishar: Former Major League Baseball player
  • Steven Weishar: American actor known for his supporting roles in films and television
  • Terry Weishar: Professional ice hockey player
  • Mark Weishar: American voice actor, audio engineer, and producer
  • Kenneth Weishar: American doctor and professor of medicine at Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

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