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Surname Wilen - Meaning and Origin

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Wilen: What does the surname Wilen mean?

The surname Wilen is derived from a variety of sources and has multiple different origins. It is of German, Swedish, and Danish origin. The German Wilen surname is thought to come from the Middle High German word "wîl", which means "desire". This suggests that the surname was likely adopted by a person who was a very ambitious individual. In Sweden, it is believed to be derived from the Old Norse given name "Wille", which also means "desire". In Denmark, the surname Wilen is thought to come from "Willem", which is a variant of the name William. It is also possible that the surname Wilen arose independently as a patronymic, which means that it was derived from the given name of a parent or ancestor.

Overall, the surname Wilen is an interesting one with multiple possible origins. It is possible that the surname was adopted by an individual with a strong desire or ambition, as well as individuals who were either named Willem or who were descended from someone with that name. In some cases, it could have arisen independently as a patronymic. Regardless, the last name Wilen is likely to remain a unique and interesting one for many generations.

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Wilen: Where does the name Wilen come from?

The last name Wilen is most commonly found in Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. In Sweden, it is one of the most common last names, given to approximately 39,000 people.

In Finland, it is also fairly common, with an estimated 9,737 people bearing the name Wilen. It is also found in Estonia, but to a lesser extent, with less than 500 people having the name Wilen.

The United States also has a sizable population of Wilens, although the usage of the name is distributed across the country. According to data from the US Census, approximately 1,000 individuals living in the United States bear the last name Wilen. States with a higher concentration of Wilens include California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Texas.

It is worth noting that this name is usually spelled Wilén in Sweden and Finland, while it is spelled Wilen in the United States and Estonia.

Variations of the surname Wilen

The surname Wilen has numerous variants, spellings, and family names of the same origin. Common variants of Wilen include Willen, Wilan, Wileen, Weelen, and Wylen.

For the variant Willen, spelling alternatives include Whelen and Welen. Whelen and Welen are primarily used in the United States, although they may also be found in other regions. Other related family names include Willens, Willin, Wilens, and Wilkins.

Variants of Wilan include Wilon, Whelan, Whelon, and Wylone. Whelans and Wilons are the most common forms of the variant, with the former being used primarily in the United States and Ireland and the latter in England and Ireland.

The variant Wileen has a less common spelling of Wylin. Wylin is primarily used in the United States and England. At times, this spelling is used to distinguish the variant from Wylen.

Alternative spellings of Weelen include Weilen, Weelon, Wylen, and Wylone. Weilen is primarily used in the Netherlands, while Weelon and Wylone are used in the United States. The spelling Wylen is used mainly in the United States and is closely associated with Wileen, with Wylen serving as the more common spelling.

In conclusion, the surname Wilen has numerous variants and family names of the same origin, which include Willen, Wilan, Wileen, Weelen, Wylen, Willens, Willin, Wilens, and Wilkins. Many of these names have alternative spellings, depending on the region.

Famous people with the name Wilen

  • Solveig Wilen, Swedish author
  • Taina Wilén-Jäppinen, Finnish figure skater
  • Lotta Wilén, Swedish children's author
  • Benny Wilén, Swedish former footballer
  • William Wilén, Swedish amateur professional golfer
  • Charles Wilén, Finnish athlete
  • Jan Wilén, Swedish chess grandmaster
  • Stig Wilen, Swedish journalist and publisher
  • Sami Wilén, Finnish discus thrower
  • Alison Wilen, Canadian provincial politician

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