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Surname Wilhelmer - Meaning and Origin

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Wilhelmer: What does the surname Wilhelmer mean?

The last name Wilhelmer is of Germanic origin and is derived from the given name "Wilhelm". The name likely derived from the combination of two Germanic elements; “wil” meaning will or desire and “helm” meaning protection or helmet. It has likely been a surname since medieval times when it was first used as a personal name.

The spelling of the surname varied over the years, and so other forms include Wilhemine, Wilmet, Wilhemer, Wilhemmen and Wilheminer.

Today, the surname Wilhelmer is found mostly in Germany, the United States, Canada, and other countries where those of German ancestry may be found.

The Wilhelmer surname has been associated with successful individuals over the years. For example, German theologian Andreas Wilhelmer founded the first Moravian (a Protestant Christian denomination) missionary in Germany in 1732. Later in the 1700s, Austro-Bohemian classical composer Henrich Wilhelm Wilhelmer was also very successful.

The Wilhelmer surname is a proud part of Germanic heritage, and its bearers should strive to uphold its good reputation.

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Wilhelmer: Where does the name Wilhelmer come from?

The last name Wilhelmer is most commonly found today in Germany, Austria, and other German-speaking countries. In Germany, Wilhelmer is the 56th most common surname. According to the Duchy of Baden's 1831 census, Wilhelmer was used by families living primarily in the Baden, Bavaria, and Rheinland-Pfalz areas of Germany.

The name can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when the spelling of the name was Wilhamer. The name was derived from two elements: wil, which means "will" or "desire," and ham, which means "home." This suggests that families who chose this name were wishing for their family to have a safe home. It is also possible that the name was derived from various German locations, such as Willheim and Wilma in Germany.

Today, there are Wilhelmers living around the globe, from Europe and North America to New Zealand and Australia. The name continues to enjoy a great degree of popularity in German-speaking countries, with an estimated 32,000 Wilhelmers living in Germany today.

Variations of the surname Wilhelmer

The surname Wilhelmer is believed to be of German origin, coming from a variant of the name Wilhelm or ‘William’. The main variations of this surname include Wilhelmy, Willhamer, Willhelm, Willemer, Willehm, Wilmmer, Wilhm, Wilhmer and Wilhmmer.

In some cases, it may be found spelled as Wilhemmer, while other forms include Wilhelme and Wilhelms, with further possible variants such as Wilhelms and Wihlmeyer. This surname is also sometimes found in its anglicized form, with a prefix of ‘d’ or ‘von,’ sometimes appearing as D’Wilhemer, De Wilhelmers, de Wilhelmer, or Von Wilhemmers.

Other surnames derived from Wilhelm include Wilhelmsson, Wilhelmson, Wilhelmsen, Wilhelmson, Wilhelmsdotter, Wilhelmsen and Wilhelmsdottir. In some cases, it may also be found spelled as Wilhems and Wilhlems.

In addition, there are many different spellings of this surname, including Wilhelmini, Wilhelmus, Wilhelmi, Willheim, Wilhleman, Wilhelme, Wilhemen and Wilhmen.

In some cases, the surname may appear with a double ‘e’ in the middle, for example Wilhelmee, Wilheleme and Wilhelemee. This variation can also be found with an extra ‘h’ at the end, such as Wilhelmeeh.

As such, it is also found in many countries across the world under a variety of spellings, including Wilhelmi (Poland), Wilhelmeson (Sweden), Wilhemsen (Denmark), and Wilhemer (Germany and the Netherlands).

Famous people with the name Wilhelmer

  • Jürgen Wilhelmer: German novelist, publisher, and editor.
  • Johann Adam Wilhelmer: German classical composer.
  • Christian Wilhelmer: American political comedian and actor.
  • Lewis Wilhelmer: Canadian professional hockey player.
  • Michael Wilhelmer: German Paralympic athlete.
  • Johann Georg Wilhelmer: Austrian classical composer.
  • Karl Wilhelm Wilhelmer: German classical painter.
  • Inge Wilhelmer: German film director and screenwriter.
  • Eric S. Wilhelmer: American physicist.
  • Robert Wilhelmer: Canadian professional hockey player.
  • Jacob Wilhelm Wilhelmer: German classical composer.
  • Edgar Wilhelmer: American diplomat.
  • Reinhold Wilhelmer: German classical mandolin player.
  • George Wilhelmer: American silent film actor.
  • Peter Wilhelmer: German sculptor.
  • Karl Wilhelmer: Austrian classical composer.
  • Felix Wilhelmer: German classical cellist.
  • Henry Wilhelmer: American football player.
  • Fritz Wilhelmer: German classical musicologist.
  • Erich Wilhelmer: German professional ice dancer.

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