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Surname Wilhelmus - Meaning and Origin

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Wilhelmus: What does the surname Wilhelmus mean?

The surname Wilhelmus is a Dutch and Low German patronymic name derived from the Germanic personal name Wilhelmus, meaning "will-helmet" or "strong protector". This personal name is derived from elements meaning ‘will’, ‘helmet’, or ‘protection’.

The surname emerged in the late 12th century and became popular throughout Germany, the Low Countries, and Scandinavia. The surname is also common in North American countries due to 19th and 20th century immigration of Dutch-soil descendants.

The name Wilhelmus was frequently used orthographically as Wilhems and Willems from the 13th to the 15th century in the Netherlands, Flanders, and Germany. In the Netherlands during this period there were at least four other variants of this name: Willemmes, Willemsen, Willemson, and Willemse.

The surname Wilhelmus may refer to a number of notable people, including Dutch painter Joaquin Wilhelmus (circa 1590–1646), Dutch inventor Wilhelmus de Monnik (1875–1951), Dutch cyclist Albert Wilhelmus (born 1945), and Dutch soccer player Mitchell Wilhelmus (born 1998).

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Wilhelmus: Where does the name Wilhelmus come from?

The last name Wilhelmus is most commonly found in Dutch-speaking countries, particularly The Netherlands. It is derived from the name Wilhelm, which is a Germanic variant of the name William. The name was popular in the Middle Ages and is still occasionally used as a first name in the Netherlands. The surname is also common in the German, French, and English-speaking countries, especially in the Midlands and the Low Countries. It may be found among Anglicised surnames, such as Wilhelmson or Wilhemson.

The Wilhelmus family may have originated in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands, which was known for its artisans and craftsmen in the Middle Ages. The Wilhelmus family could have been merchants who traded their goods throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. During this period, the Netherlands was gaining more and more autonomy, and the name was seen as a sign of Dutch patriotism.

The Wilhelmus family name is still common in The Netherlands today. Wilhelmus is also prominent in other Dutch-speaking areas, such as parts of Belgium and large Dutch-speaking communities in North America. Although the name is at its peak in the Netherlands, it is gradually spreading throughout Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Wilhelmus

The origin of the Wilhelmus surname is derived from the German name, Wilhelm, which is derived from the Old German name 'Willehalm'. Variations on this surname include: Wilhelmi, Wilhalm, Wilhalmi, Wilhelmine, Willelmi, Willimans, Willam, Williomus, Willy, and Welhelmi.

While many variations of the surname Wilhelmus are used interchangeably between different countries, certain preferences can be seen in different countries and regions. For example, in the Netherlands, the spelling Wilhelmus is more commonly used. In German speaking countries and parts of the United States, the spelling Willimans is more popular. In Sweden, the spelling Wilhalm is favored, while in Finland the spelling Willelmi is commonly seen.

Variations of the first name Wilhelm can also be found depending on the region or language. In Dutch, the variation is Willem. In German and English, the variation is William. In Scandinavian countries, the name is usually spelt as Vilhelm.

The surname Wilhelmus can be associated with other surnames including Willmann, Willims, Willimson, Willimott, Villem, Villemi, Villemin, Villemone, Villimem, Williami, Willemse, Willemsen, Willemsz, Willips, Wilps, Villy, Vili, and Vilpo.

In summary, the Wilhelmus surname is derived from the Old German name 'Willehalm', and is associated with numerous variations from countries around the world. Variations include Wilhelmi, Wilhalm, Wilhalmi, Wilhelmine, Willelmi, Willimans, Willam, Williomus, Willy, Welhelmi, Willem, William, Vilhelm, Willmann, Willims, Willimson, Willimott, Villem, Villemi, Villemin, Villemone, Villimem, Williami, Willemse, Willemsen, Willemsz, Willips, Wilps, Villy, Vili, and Vilpo.

Famous people with the name Wilhelmus

  • Annemarie Wilhelmus: Annemarie Wilhelmus is a Dutch-born actress and writer best known for her credits in the television miniseries Versailles and in the film From the Land of the Moon.
  • Andrea Wilhelmus: Andrea Wilhelmus is a professional longboarder and surfer from the Netherlands. She is acclaimed for her smooth, powerful and graceful style.
  • Bernard Wilhelmus: Bernard Wilhelmus is a Dutch television presenter, journalist and educator. He is known for his work in the long running series ‘Yo-aan’ on Omroep NTR, one of the most successful children’s program in Dutch television.
  • Corinne Wilhelmus: Corinne Wilhelmus is a professor at the University of Utrecht. She is an expert in the fields of public administration and organizational structure.
  • Jo Wilhelmus: Jo Wilhelmus is a Dutch-based architect and urban planner. His areas of expertise are urban design, historic architecture, and public spaces.
  • Joris Wilhelmus: Joris Wilhelmus is an Dutch professional judoka and one of the most decorated Judoka of the Netherlands. He won the National Judo Championships twice.
  • Mark Wilhelmus: Mark Wilhelmus is a European and World champion in kickboxing, known for his striking power and technique.
  • Niek Wilhelmus: Niek Wilhelmus is a composer, orchestrator and arranger. His work includes classical music, metal, electronica, children’s music, film music, pop and jazz.
  • Stan Wilhelmus: Stan Wilhelmus is a famous Dutch journalist and award-winning news anchor. Since 1985 he has been presenting television news for RTL Nieuws, one of the largest news programs in the Netherlands.
  • Thom Wilhelmus: Thom Wilhelmus is an illustrative designer and graphic artist from the Netherlands. He has worked in the fields of illustration, animation, and motion graphics.

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