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Surname Willichs - Meaning and Origin

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Willichs: What does the surname Willichs mean?

The surname Willichs is a patronymic name derived from the given name Wilhelm, a variant of William. The origin of the name comes from the Germanic elements 'will', meaning 'desire,' and 'helm', meaning 'protection.' Therefore, the meaning behind the name Wilhelm is 'desire for protection.'

There are several connotations associated with the surname Willichs. Commonly, the surname was connected with the virtues of strength and loyalty. Those who were given this name were believed to be brave and stalwart, refusing to break promises, and able to be both faithful and kind. The Willichs surname also occasionally stood for patriotism, as the bearer of the surname were seen as possessing great love for their country. Finally, this surname was also seen as a sign of honors, as those bearing it were thought to live by a strong moral code and high standard of ethics.

The popularity of the surname Willichs is still prevalent in several European countries. In some cases, variants of the name will appear in records, such as the Dutch Willemse or Willems, and the French Vilm or Vilim. In Britain, the name was originally brought to England in the late 17th century by German and Dutch immigrants, and the name can still be found today, particularly in the areas of London and Norfolk.

In conclusion, the surname Willichs is a unique patronymic name originating from Germany and is associated with the virtues of strength, loyalty, and patriotism. The surname is still popular throughout Europe and even in Britain today.

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Willichs: Where does the name Willichs come from?

The last name Willichs is most commonly found in Germany today. The surname is derived from the German language and the modern English equivalent is Willard. It is a surname common among Protestants living in the Rhineland region of Germany and the lower Rhine region of the Netherlands. Its earliest recorded instance was in the 16th century in Westfalen, Germany.

The highest concentrations of the Willichs name are found today in the states of North-Rhine Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. It is also found in smaller numbers in the states of Hamburg, Hessen, Brandenburg, and Saxony-Anhalt.

Overall, Willichs is a fairly common name in Germany today. As of 2018, an estimated 205,000 people living in Germany carried the Willichs surname. It is also popular in other parts of the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other Scandinavian countries.

Though it is primarily found in Germany, the Willichs last name is also somewhat common in other parts of Europe. The name is most commonly found today in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Additionally, it can be found in small numbers in Sweden, Hungary, and parts of Italy.

Variations of the surname Willichs

The surname Willichs originated from the German word ‘Willich’, which means ‘courageous’. This surname has been passed down through generations and now has many different variants and spellings, as well as surnames of the same origin.

Willichs: This is the original surname of German origin.

Willich: This is the same surname but spelled differently.

Willicher: This spelling variation is commonly found in the United States and is a contraction of the original spelling.

Wilichs: This is another variation of the original spelling.

Willicks: This is a variant with an alternate spelling of the original.

Willig: This is a variation of the original spelling and has no -s at the end.

Willis: This is a common variant of the original surname and is known as a patronymic surname derived from using the first letter of the original Willichs.

Williker: This is a variant of the original spelling, which sometimes appears with an alternate spelling.

Willicker: Another variant of the original with an alternate spelling.

Vilichs: An alternate spelling variation of the original surname.

Villik: An alternate spelling of the original.

Villich: This variant shares the same root as the original but has a different spelling.

Willkommen: This is a different surname of German origin that has the same root of Willichs.

Wilhink: An alternate spelling of the original surname.

Wilhelm: This is a surname with the same root as Willichs, with a different spelling.

Willix: This is a variant of the original surname, which has an alternate spelling.

Wylich: Another spelling variation of the original.

Famous people with the name Willichs

  • Antje Willichs: Antje is a German actress best known for her role in the comedy sitcom Die Felix Krull Show.
  • Kurt Willichs: Kurt was a German Resistance fighter and member of the White Rose resistance movement in the Second World War. He was arrested and executed in 1943.
  • Paul Willichs: Paul was a German engineer and railway official who worked to improve Prussian railway network during the 19th century.
  • Joachim Willichs: Joachim was a politician and government minister in the newly formed Weimar Republic and later in the Third Reich.
  • Paul Willichs (Critic): Paul was a German art critic and Professor of Aesthetics at the Royal Academy of Arts in Berlin.
  • Friedrich Willichs: Friedrich was an early 19th century Prussian soldier who fought in the wars of Liberation against Napoleon. He rose to fame as a hero of the Prussian army.
  • Konstanze Willichs: Konstanze is a German actress best known for her roles in the romantic comedy films "Ein Tag am Meer" and "Sommerküsse"
  • Carl Willichs: Carl was a 19th century German religious leader and theologian who served as a pastor in a number of Lutheran congregations in Prussia.
  • Jürgen Willichs: Jürgen was a businessman and entrepreneur who served as the CEO of Deutsche Bank AG from 1978 to 1990.
  • Stefan Willichs: Stefan is a former professional footballer who played for SC Freiburg and the German U-21 national team in the 1980s.

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