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Surname Willicks - Meaning and Origin

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Willicks: What does the surname Willicks mean?

The surname Willicks is of Germanic origin and derived from the given name 'Willic', which in turn is derived from 'will', an Old English masculine name meaning 'will, desire, and determination'. The equivalent of 'Willic' in Old High German language was 'Willico' or 'Willacho'.

Willicks is an uncommon surname, still mainly found in its place of origin in Germany. In spite of never being very common, a few notables with the surname Willicks are known from the 1800s and beyond. For example, John Willicks, a sculptor of the mid-1800s, lived in Germany, while Willicks Kaine, who lived in the United States, was a professional baseball player and lawyer.

The surname Willicks can be found mainly among people of Germanic descent. It is a name that conveys determination, strength, and ambition - traits that are traditionally attributed to those who bear it. Today, the surname is still associated with ambition and strength. No matter how uncommon it may be today, the meaning and heritage behind the name still remain strong.

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Willicks: Where does the name Willicks come from?

Today, the last name Willicks is still in common use in countries throughout the world, though the name may be spelled slightly differently. In the United Kingdom, for instance, the name may be spelled Wilcox. Similarly, in the United States, the spelling is generally Willix.

The most popular countries of origin for the Willicks surname are England, Canada, and the United States. In the United Kingdom, the name is concentrated mostly in Yorkshire, with smaller numbers in the surrounding counties of Derbyshire, Lancashire, and Durham. In Canada, the name is mainly found in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

In the United States, the name can predominantly be found in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, California, and Virginia. The name has been in common use in these areas for centuries, as the first recorded person of the name arrived in America in 1773 from England. The name may have descended from a family of Germanic origin and is thought to have been derived from the Old English personal name 'Wylisc'.

Overall, the surname is still in reasonably common usage today, spread across multiple countries in the Anglosphere.

Variations of the surname Willicks

The surname Willicks is a variant of the English surname Wilcox, which is derived from Wilcock, an Old English name for a person who was considered to be brave. The alternative spellings for Willicks include Wilcox, Wilcoxen, Wilcockson, and Wildochs.

Wilcox is a patronymic surname which means "son of Wilcock" with Wilcock being used as a nickname for someone considered to be brave, or coming from an ancestral name in the Middle Ages. The surname was originally from Northumberland but the name Wilcox spread to the rest of England and then to countries like Ireland, the United States, Canada and Australia.

In the United States, the surname Wilcox is most common in the states of Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa. In its various spellings, the surname Wilcox is of English patronymic origin, meaning "son of Wilcock". This surname can also be found in various spellings such as Wilks, Wilkes and Wilkeson, which are all similar to the Willicks surname.

In Ireland, the surname is also found in various spellings such as Wilcoxen, Wilcockson and Wilkin. Alternatively, the surname was shortened to Wilkoo in 17th century Ireland and later anglicised to Willick. Later, in 18th century Scotland, it developed the spelling Willick and variants such as Wills, Willik, Wilsack, and Wilks.

Therefore, there are various spellings and surnames for the same origin as Willicks, including Wilcox, Wilcoxen, Wilcockson, Willik, Wills, Wilkes, Wilkeson, Wilkin, and Wilkoo.

Famous people with the name Willicks

  • Elizabeth Willicks: American reporter and television personality who is best known for her work on the popular HGTV show, Love It or List It.
  • Heidi Willicks: Inventor, author and entrepreneur best known as the inventor and founder of the "Willicks: Play Along" children's game.
  • Maury Willicks: Professional wrestler, best known for being a former WWE star and for winning five world titles in various promotions.
  • Eli Willicks- Author who wrote books including Dairy Farming: A Guide to Raising Cows and Making Money.
  • Buck Willicks: Musician, known for his work in the country and bluegrass genres and performing both solo and in bands.
  • Dewayne Willicks: Professional basketball player who spent most of his career in Europe, playing in both the Greek League and the German Bundesliga.
  • Amber Willicks: Actress who starred in both film and television, appearing in productions like To the Moon and Back and Step Up 5.
  • Raina Willicks: Child actress who is best known for her roles in the films Richard & Evelyne and Awakening the White Crow.
  • Troy Willicks: Former NFL defensive end who played six seasons for the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets.
  • Cree Willicks: Recording artist, best known for her work in the hip-hop and soul genres and for her association with the Soul Circus Records label.

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