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Surname Wimberley - Meaning and Origin

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Wimberley: What does the surname Wimberley mean?

The last name Wimberley can be traced back to various regions across Europe, with different origins and meanings depending on the region. In England, the surname may be derived from the Old English words winn (pasture) and beorg (hill). It likely refers to someone who lived on a hill with pastures, or to someone who maintained the pasture land of a hillside estate.

In Scotland, the surname may be of French origin, with the French version being Wiemberlee. It likely originates from the words wim (with, plus) and berg (protection). It could have been used to refer to someone associated with the protection of a high-ranking person or lord.

In Germany, the surname Wimberley is derived from the Old High German word wini (friend) and beraht (bright or illustrious). This is thought to refer to someone with an esteemed reputations and many friends.

The last name Wimberley is also seen in other regions of Europe, such as in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Spain. It may have been used to refer to a thriving estate in France, or someone from the village of Wimberley in Lincolnshire, England. There may also be non-European origins for the name, such as through different settlers and immigrants.

Overall, the last name Wimberley is believed to have multiple origins across many regions of Europe, with the meanings likely relating to a person's association with a particular estate, land, or reputation.

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Wimberley: Where does the name Wimberley come from?

Today, the last name Wimberley can be found in many places across the United States. It is especially common in certain regions such as Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. It is also found in other areas such as Florida, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. According to the 2019 US Census, the most common states where the last name Wimberley is located are Texas (4.23%), Louisiana (2.19%), Alabama (1.61%), and Mississippi (1.58%). However, the last name can still be found all around the country in many other states.

The origin of the last name Wimberley is unknown, but it is believed to have originated from the English and German language. It is most likely derived from the old English word "wimbeor" which means attendant. Historians believe that the name was probably given to those who served an aristocrat in the past.

The last name Wimberley has not only stayed in the United States but has also spread around the world. In the 2000s, there were reports that the name was found in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Overall, the last name Wimberley is an old name that is still common in many areas in the United States and other parts of the world. Elements of its origin and history still remain a mystery, but is still widely distributed all around the world.

Variations of the surname Wimberley

The Wimberley surname has a number of alternate spellings including Wimbly, Wembely, Wimberely, Winberely and Winbury. It can also be found as variants such as Wemberlee, Wembeely, Weinberely and Winbarly. All of these names share the same origin, likely beginning with the Old English “Winebrið” which would have been a topographical name for someone who lived near or by a river, stream or spring. These names are more commonly found in British records, particularly England.

The Wimmerley surname spread beyond England later in its history and can be found in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and even the United States of America. Surnames that are of the same origin but have adapted to local languages and spellings in some of these countries include de Wimerely and shared similarities with Winbersheim, Winblad, Wimmer, Wimble and Wymberley.

The Wimberley name is also sometimes found as an Americanized version of the German surname Wimbelsheim or Weimersheim. This name is derived from the Middle High German “Sweimbilzheim”, meaning a settlement where sheep were raised. Families with this surname in the United States are most commonly found in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

No matter what spelling or variation of the Wimberley surname is used, it is still the same origin. While the spelling of the name may have changed over time, it is still the same surname that can be traced back centuries and all of its variants still share the same broader meaning of a location near a river, stream, or spring.

Famous people with the name Wimberley

  • David Wimberley: A successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, and educator. He is the CEO of the Imperial Group, a FinTech and real estate startup located in Los Angeles.
  • Kim Wimberley: A former professional football player for the NFL's San Francisco 49ers, and now serves as an assistant coach for the university of Maryland's football team.
  • Karina Wimberley: An interior designer and furniture restorer who works for the lifestyle brand, Maxwell Home. She has also been featured in a series of home makeover shows on HGTV.
  • Jack Wimberley: An Emmy-winning actor who has starred in numerous television shows and films, including Smallville and Shannon's Deal. He is an advocate for animal rights and works with charities to protect endangered species.
  • Jim Wimberley: A jazz musician and composer who has released several albums, including Scrached Up and Under New Light. His songs feature a unique blend of jazz, soul, and R&B sounds.
  • Tyler Wimberley: A professional skateboarder who is well-known for his skimboarding prowess in California and Hawaii. He has appeared in several skateboarding videos and is sponsored by some of the world's top skateboarding brands.
  • Sanda Wimberley: A fashion designer and consultant who has dressed celebrities such as Elton John and Pam Anderson. Her fashion sense is considered one of the trend-setters in the industry.
  • Stuart Wimberley: An American former professional baseball pitcher who played for the Cleveland Indians from 1964 to 1964. He still holds the record for the fewest walks ever given up by a pitcher in a season.
  • Philip Wimberley: A renowned author and historian whose works can be seen in some of the most prestigious universities around the world. He is regarded as an authority in the world of medieval studies.

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