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Surname Wimberly - Meaning and Origin

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Wimberly: What does the surname Wimberly mean?

The last name Wimberly is believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the Old English personal name Wimbri, which was derived from the words "wic" meaning "dwelling" and "beorg" meaning "hill". The Wimberly family is believed to have been landowners in the region of Denbighshire in Wales during the 12th century, which was when the name first emerged.

The Wimberly surname initially appears as a derivation of two words of Old English origin - Wimberelye. From there, the name began to take root in different parts of England and eventually other parts of the world.

The surname Wimberly is often found as an English and Scottish last name, though it is also used as a first name in the United States. It is believed to have arrived in America through the passage of immigrants from England and Scotland during the 1600s.

In modern times, the surname Wimberly is often found throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. It has also become quite popular as a surname in South Africa, Australia, and Canada – likely because of the name's global reach.

The Wimberly surname is deeply steeped in history and is a much honored name. It denotes strength and resilience, while offering a platform for the family to build a foundation of respect and admiration.

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Wimberly: Where does the name Wimberly come from?

The last name Wimberly is extremely common today across many countries. In the United States, Wimberly is the 665th most common surname. The states with the most people with the last name include Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

In England, Wimberly is the 1,662nd most common surname. It also is popular in Scotland, ranking 1,199th among common surnames in the country.

The surname is also seen in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. In Australia, Wimberly is the 7,906th most common surname, with the highest frequency being in the Australian Capital Territory.

The last name can also be found in African countries, especially those that were formerly a part of British colonies. In Nigeria, for example, the last name ranks 78th in overall popularity.

In parts of the Caribbean, the last name has also gained popularity, especially in Jamaica, where it ranks 12th among the most common last names.

Ultimately, the last name Wimberly is an extremely popular name that can be found in many countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Wimberly

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Wimberly vary greatly. Many spellings can be used when referring to this surname, including Wimberly, Wimbly, Wimbrily, Wymbrely, Wymbly, Whimbly, and Wymburly. There are also many surnames that share the same root as Wimberly, such as Woolmington, Wimble, Winsely, Winsley, Wishley, Wymsly, Wymbly, Webbry, Webley, and Wombly.

One source suggests that the name is derived from the Old English phrase, "Wimbeold leah," which translates to “the clearing of a man named Weekbeald.” Another possible origin for the surname is that it was derived from "Wymebeoldolph," which can be translated as "a wolf of Wylmebeold.”

The spelling of the surname Wimberly can be further divided into four variants: Wimberly, Wimbely, Wymbly, and Wymburly. The usage of any of these variants is largely dependent on regional dialect.

It is also very common for the surname Wimberly to be combined with other surnames such as Wilkins, Wilson, Woolcock, Wiggins, Willmott, Wilkie, and Willey. For example, the surname Wimberly-Wilson is a combination of both Wimberly and Wilson.

The United States Census Bureau recorded a total of 19,001 people with the surnames Wimberly, Wimbly, and Wymbly at the time of the 2000 census. However, one should remember that this figure does not take into account other variations of the name.

Famous people with the name Wimberly

  • Taylor Wimberly: YouTube star, entrepreneur, and marketing executive
  • Bruce Wimberly: former baseball outfielder
  • Curt Wimberly: former professional football player
  • David Wimberly: a retired American basketball player
  • Leslie Wimberly: a former professional football player
  • Christa (Wimberly) McIntyere: an American Farmer and the winner of the 2017 'American Farmer' award
  • Tammy Wimberly: an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist
  • Keith Wimberly: a former professional football player and coach
  • Larry Wimberly: a former professional football running back
  • Tony Wimberly: former American football linebacker

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