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Surname Wingoe - Meaning and Origin

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Wingoe: What does the surname Wingoe mean?

Wingoe is a surname of English origin. The family name likely originated from a place name meaning either “the hill of the vineyard” or “pasture of the meadow”. The ancestry of the Wingoe family dates back to before the Norman Conquest of 1066, when they were thought to have lived in County Durham.

In the Middle Ages, the Wingoe family were powerful landowners who had great influence on local affairs, and were also involved in the politics and governance of their local area. They held large estates in the area and also held the title of Lord.

The lineage of the Wingoe family is varied and quite diverse. Over time, their surname has been adapted to different forms, such as Wingo, Winrow and Winger.

The Wingoe family is still present today, mostly living in the United Kingdom and the United States. The Wingoe family is now considered to be an old and respected English family, and is well-known for their commitment to protecting and preserving their proud heritage.

The Wingoe family have a strong presence within the United Kingdom and are committed to maintaining their strong family values and traditions. This includes having a strong sense of duty and accountability, as well as having an ongoing commitment to education and betterment for future generations.

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Wingoe: Where does the name Wingoe come from?

The Wingoe name is most commonly found in parts of Scandinavia, particularly Norway and Sweden. The name is derived from a Viking who settled in the region during the early settlement period. His descendants adopted the last name Wingoe as their surname.

The oldest records of the Wingoe name can be found in the Norwegian parish records of Hordaland and Møre og Romsdal counties, dated to 1605. The earliest known person belonging to the Wingoe family was Jens Jorgensen Wingoe, born c. 1670. By the late 19th century, the name had spread to other parts of Norway, particularly Trondelag and Oslo.

Today, the Wingoe name is still commonplace in Norway and Sweden, although it is far less frequent than in the past. The name is particularly common in rural areas of the two countries. In some areas, the surname is so widespread that entire villages bear the name.

In addition to Scandinavia, the Wingoe name can also be found in several English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Immigrants from Scandinavia during the early 20th century brought the name with them, and it is now a familiar name in areas with large Scandinavian-American populations.

Overall, the last name Wingoe is quite rare today, although it is still widely found in Scandinavia and other parts of the world where Scandinavian immigrants settled.

Variations of the surname Wingoe

The surname Wingoe is an Anglicized version of the Old Norse personal name Winga, and it is found primarily in Northern England and Scotland. Variants of the Wingoe surname include Winga, Winngoe, Wingow, Wingo, Wingroe, Winngow, and Wingrow. The Wingoe surname is often found hyphenated as in Wingoe-Scrimgeour.

The origin of the Wingoe surname is believed to stem from the Old Norse personal name Winga. This ancient name often appeared in various forms throughout Yorkshire, such as Wyngeo, Wingeo, and even Wingen. One of the earliest record of the Wingoe spelling can be found in the register of the diocese of York in 1592.

The Old Norse variant of Wingoe is most likely derived from the combination of two words (“vingr” and “gaugr”) which mean “meadow” and “land” respectively. This suggests that the Wingoe surname may have originated from geographic locations or characteristics associated with the land, such as a small area of meadow lands or even a meandering stream.

Aside from the direct variants of the Wingoe surname, certain other surnames are also derived from the same origins, such as Wingerson, Wingates, Wingler, Wingerter, and Wingertert. It is also possible that the surname Winngoe may have been adapted from the earlier form of the surname Wingoe.

Finally, one should also note that there are several distinct spellings and variations of the Wingoe surname found throughout the British Isles, from Wingow in Scotland, to Wingroe in Northern Ireland and Winngoe in England. The Wingoe surname is found throughout the British Isles today, although its old Norse origin can be traced back to York in the late 1500s.

Famous people with the name Wingoe

  • Antonio Wingoe: Former NFL offensive tackle
  • King Wingoe: Professional Football Player
  • Connie Wingoe: PGA Golf Instructor
  • Christian Wingoe: NFL Running Back
  • Dick Wingoe: Businessman, philanthropist
  • DeMaurice Smith Wingoe: NFL Agent
  • Arthur Wingoe: Noted expert in Norse mythology
  • Diana Wingoe: Actor, writer, producer
  • Jarret Wingoe: Actress
  • Cari Wingoe: Award-winning author

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