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Surname Wingow - Meaning and Origin

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Wingow: What does the surname Wingow mean?

The last name Wingow is of English origin and likely derived from the Old English term ‘wingerne’ which translates to ‘one who worked with winches.’ This could refer to the trade of winch making, or to the men whose role it was to operate the winches on ships. In the Middle Ages, winches were commonly used to raise and lower anchor, as well as to hoist and lower sails on ships as they sailed across the ocean.

The Wingow surname is also linked to a topographic name for those who lived near a windmill, from the Old English term ‘wind-ga’ meaning ‘wind-guru’ or ‘wind-mill’. In Scotland, the toponymic form of the name is MacGingaw or McWinko, indicating the presence of a windmill.

The Wingow surname has endured the centuries and spread throughout England, US and Canada, and is carried and used by many families today. Although its exact origin remains uncertain, this surname undoubtedly reflects a strong sense of tradition and honour, as well as a proud communal spirit that has seen it persist across many generations.

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Wingow: Where does the name Wingow come from?

The last name Wingow is most common in the United States, particularly in California, New York, and Texas. Additionally, it has been found in small concentrations in Canada, Australia, England, and Chile. The Wingow surname has been connected to an expansive web of family descendants and their original immigrants to the North America.

In the United States, the Wingow family can be traced back to the 17th century when William Wingow arrived on the eastern shore of Maryland from his native England. His arrival marks the beginning of a long lineage of Wingows that immigrated to the United States. From Maryland their paths diverged as some stayed in Maryland, while others went to the American states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and now California.

Another major branch of Wingow is located in Southern England. The Wingow surname originated in the English county of Somerset, where many associated with its usage can still be found today. A record of its first recorded use was found in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Today, the Wingow surname can be found in various parts of the world. It has retained some of its presence in England and remains one of the more popular surnames in the United States and Canada. Certainly, this name is a traceable reminder of the history of family lines that have found their way to and around the world.

Variations of the surname Wingow

The Wingow surname is thought to derive from the Welsh name ‘Wyngeu’, which means ‘white, or fair’. Variants of the Wingow surname include Winckow, Winckowy, Windge, Winkelhoo, Winklow, and Winnowe. Spellings of the Wingow name may also include Wingeu, Wyngeu, Wynge, Winco, Winkow, Wincow, and Wingo.

Wingow is also an Anglicized version of a number of other surnames, including the German surnames Winkemeyer, Winkenmayer, and Winkenmeier, as well as the Dutch surnames Van Winkel and Van Wynkoop. The Latinized version of the surname is Vinculi or Vinculaeus, which can roughly be translated to mean ‘of the vine’.

In the USA, surnames with similar spelling and origin to Wingow include the German names Winkelmeyer and Winkenmueller, as well as the Dutch names Winkelhorst and Winkels.

Other variants of the Wingow surname include Winchowe, Wincow, Winghoe, Winklowe, Windge, and Winckow, which all share the same root as the Wingow surname.

In addition to the various spellings and variants that stem from the original Welsh name ‘Wyngeu’, there are also numerous other surnames derived from the same root but with slightly different spellings, such as the German Winkelman, Winkleman, Winkler, and Winkelmann, as well as the Dutch Wyngele, Wynkoop, and Wynkop.

Overall, the Wingow surname is a derivation of the original Welsh ‘Wyngeu’, and can be seen in various different spellings and variants, as well as in a number of different surnames from around the world.

Famous people with the name Wingow

  • Luan Wingow: Brazilian celebrated street artist
  • Randall Wingow: Actor, known for roles in Hugo, The Nine Lives of Christmas and A Million Little Things
  • Alex Wingow: Digital Artist and Graphic Designer
  • Andy Wingow: Musician, Singer and Songwriter
  • Jay Wingow: Voice actor, known for voicing characters in Digimon Adventure tri.
  • David Wingow: Film maker, known for independent horror films
  • Jon Wingow: Video game Developer, known for creating the iconic Bomberman and Neutropolis franchises
  • Adam Wingow: Singer and Songwriter, who's music is heavily influenced by the Pop music of the 1980s
  • Jack Wingow: Soccer player in the US professional leagues
  • Barry Wingow: Olympic runner, who won gold for Great Britain in the 2000 Leisure Games

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