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Surname Wolber - Meaning and Origin

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Wolber: What does the surname Wolber mean?

The surname Wolber is of German origin and is derived from the given name Wolbert. It is thought to be derived from the Germanic elements ‘wulf’, meaning ‘wolf’ and ‘beraht’, meaning ‘bright’. Thus, the name literally translates to ‘bright wolf’ and it is thought to have been a descriptive nickname for someone thought to resemble a wolf in some way or to have wolf-like qualities.

The surname Wolber is not particularly common but is most common in Germany, where it is most likely to be an occupational surname. This is because in medieval Germany it was very common for a person to be nicknamed after their occupation. It is thought that someone with this name probably worked as a huntsman or forest keeper, professions which would have involved working closely with wolves and other animals of the wild, and then taking on the nickname ‘bright wolf’.

In other parts of Europe, particularly in Britain, the surname is also found but most likely as an import from German immigrants. There are many records of people with the surname living in Britain since at least the 1600s, although the surname has probably been established even longer, but records do not exist to prove it.

Today, the surname Wolber remains mostly in Germany, although a very small number of people in other parts of Europe can also be found carrying the name. Additionally, it is thought that the name may have also spread to other countries in Europe and beyond that have accepted German immigrants, but the extent of this is difficult to ascertain.

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Wolber: Where does the name Wolber come from?

The name Wolber is a family name originating from Germany and is typically found in German-speaking countries, particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Germany, the name Wolber is particularly common in Bavaria and geographically concentrated in the towns of Munich and Augsburg. However, it is also found in Poland and the Czech Republic, where many Wolbers migrated in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Wolber is a patronymic (derived from the father's name) surname originating from the Germanic personal name Wolbert or Walter. The name could also originate from local toponyms bearing the name Wolf (wolf) or Walter (for the same meaning). Wolbers often adopted a spelling of their surname to fit the local language.

More recently, the name has spread around the world, although it remains more common in parts of central and eastern Europe. Wolbers can be found in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The name has also become anglicized over the years, often becoming Wolber, Woolver or Wolvers.

Variations of the surname Wolber

Wolber is a surname with multiple variants and spellings, which can be traced largely to German origins. It is commonly believed to be derived from the German word wolbe, meaning “wallow” or “pond.”

The most common variants of the surname include Wölber, Wolbér, Wölbér, Wolbert, Wouler, Wulker and Wolcker. These variants of the name are often found within Germany and other German-speaking countries.

In areas with a high number of German-speaking immigrants, the variants of the surname Wolber can be found in other countries, as well. Examples of such countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In some cases, different spellings and variations of the surname have arisen in different countries. For example, Wolber is sometimes found as Walbur, Walber, Wolbrecht, or Wülbrecht in the United States, while Wolbér is most common in the Netherlands. The surname can also be seen as Woelber and Wölbert in France, and Wölbe in Austria.

In addition to the variations of the surname, there are numerous surnames with similar meanings and origins. Examples include Wölfer, Wölfle, Wölfel, Wölfling, and Wölfele.

Overall, the surname Wolbér has multiple variants and spellings that are associated with German origins. Depending on the country and region, various modifications of the name have arisen, as well as a number of similar names.

Famous people with the name Wolber

  • Kristen Wolber: Kristen Wolber is an American violinist and entertainer. She is known for her performances on television shows such as The X Factor and America’s Got Talent.
  • Seth Wolber: Seth Wolber is an American internet entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the co-founder of several popular digital companies such as and
  • Rick Wolber: Rick Wolber is a former American college football coach who served as the head coach at the University of Cincinnati from 1992 to 1998.
  • Andreas Wolber: Andreas Wolber is a German physicist and professor at the Technical University of Munich. He is the co-inventor of the printed circuit board and is considered the father of printed electronics.
  • Mike Wolber: Mike Wolber is a former professional American football player who played for the Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers in the National Football League.
  • Paul Wolber: Paul Wolber is an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist who serves as the CEO of the venture capital firm EarlyStage Ventures.
  • Leif Wolber: Leif Wolber is an American voice actor best known for his work in the English dub of the classic anime series Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Oskar Wolber: Oskar Wolber was a German diplomat who served as Ambassador to Turkey from 1989 to 1994.
  • Bill Wolber: Bill Wolber is an American music producer and engineer who has worked on albums for various successful rock bands such as Jane’s Addiction, Hole, and Love and Rockets.
  • Lorraine Wolber: Lorraine Wolber is a retired American professional tennis player who reached a career-high singles ranking of world No. 19 in April 1994.

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