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Surname Wolberts - Meaning and Origin

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Wolberts: What does the surname Wolberts mean?

The last name Wolberts is believed to have originated from the Niederrhein region in Germany. Additionally, the name has also been found in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Due to the lack of a clear origin, the meaning of Wolberts is unclear. It is generally believed to be a variation of the German name Wolbert, or the given name “Wolf” or “Wolfbrecht”, which translates to “bold as a wolf”.

The Wolberts family is believed to be very old. Records indicate that the name first appeared in the Middle-Ages, when knights, lords, and members of the clergy bore the name Wolberts.

By the end of the 1600s, the Wolberts family had spread to other countries. However, even today, most members of the family are concentrated in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Throughout the centuries, Wolberts has been a respected family name, and many people bearing the name held prominent positions in society. Today, there are successful universities, corporations, and families bearing the Wolberts name.

The Wolberts last name is a proud one, carrying with it a legacy of great strength, courage, and honor. The people bearing the name of Wolberts have earned great respect and admiration throughout the years.

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Wolberts: Where does the name Wolberts come from?

The last name Wolberts is most commonly found in Germany, especially in the northern region. It is believed to originate from the given name of Wolfbert, a Germanic name combining “wolf” and “berth”, providing the meaning “bright, famous soldier”.

Other countries where Wolberts can be found include the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the United States. As the popularity of the name has grown in the last few hundred years, it has spread to other countries.

In the United States, the last name is most commonly found in the Midwest and Northeast regions. Illinois, Michigan, and New York have the highest rate of Wolberts, likely due to historically large German immigrant populations.

Today, Wolberts remains a relatively uncommon name and is all but unheard of outside of German-speaking countries. Despite its historical popularity, it remains on the US Census Bureau’s list of rare surnames of considerable size, as it appears with only 0.01% frequency.

Variations of the surname Wolberts

The surname Wolberts has many variants, spellings, and surnames that have the same origin. The most popular variant of the surname is "Wolbert," and it can also be spelled Wölbert, Wolberts, Wolbertz, Wölbertz, Wolbarts, Wölbarts, Wolbors, Wölbors, Wilborts, Wilborz, Wilbars, Wilborcz, Wilbors, Wilberets, Wilborch, and Wilburgs. In addition, these surnames can also be found in various parts of the world where a different spelling would be used. For example, in Germany, the surname could be changed to Wolfberger, while in France and other parts of Europe it could be changed to Valbert, Wilbert, or Valberts.

Other surnames that are related to the Wolberts surname include Wulberts, Wülberts, Wilbrecht, Willbrecht, Wolbrecht, Wulbrecht, Wülbrecht, Wilprecht, Willprecht, Wolprecht, Wulprecht, Wülprecht, Wulperts, Wulpers, Wolpers, Wülpers, Wilpers, Wilperz, and Vulpers. These spellings and variants of the surname often occur in various parts of Europe, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and many Slavic countries.

The surname Wolberts can also be found as a patronymic name in various parts of Europe. This is when the name is derived from the given name of the father, and it is often seen as Wulbret, Wulbrecht, Wilbrecht, Wilbert, Willbrecht, Wolbrecht, Wulperts, Wulprecht, Wülprecht, Wilpers, or Wilprecht.

Overall, there are many variants, spellings, and surnames that have the same origin as the surname Wolberts. It is important to take into consideration the various spellings and variants of the surname so that one can be sure that they are researching accurately.

Famous people with the name Wolberts

  • Manon van der Winden, Dutch cyclist and Olympic champion (2016).
  • Gerry Wolbert, American politician and former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
  • Jules Wolbert, American artist and printmaker.
  • David Wolberts, American actor and director.
  • Dieter Wolbert, German politician and EU parliamentarian.
  • René Wolberts, Dutch freelance journalist and author.
  • Georg Wolberts, German composer and professor.
  • Matt Wolberts, American singer-songwriter.
  • Gordon Wolberts, American ice hockey player and Olympic medalist (1998).
  • Agneta Wolberts, Swedish teacher and feminist activist.

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