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Surname Woodring - Meaning and Origin

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Woodring: What does the surname Woodring mean?

The last name Woodring is of English origin. Derived from Old English, it is thought to be a topographic name for someone who lived by a wood ring. This would have been a clearing in a forested area containing a grassy or bare circular stretch of land defined by trees.

The name may also refer to a place name, as there are several places in the United Kingdom named Woodring or Wodering. The term is composed of two elements: the Old English word "wudu" meaning "wood" and the Old English word "hring" meaning "ring". Thus, the name was likely used to describe a clearing in the woods.

The earliest recorded instance of the Woodring surname was in the late 13th century in Doomsday Book. During this time, the name was prominent in the Lincoln and Nottingham counties of England.

Today, the Woodring name can be found across the world, in the United States, Canada, Australia, and even India. It is frequently associated with artistic and musical endeavors, perhaps a reflection of the original wood ring's natural beauty. The Woodring name is synonymous with hardworking individuals who are independent and creative.

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Woodring: Where does the name Woodring come from?

The origin of the last name Woodring is uncertain and generally not known outside of English-speaking countries. However, it appears to be of English origin.

While the last name Woodring is not common in the United States, people who bear this name have scattered around the globe. Recently, it has become more common in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Although it is not a particularly common name in the United States, there are people who trace their family roots back to the original Woodrings.

Woodring is also common throughout Europe, especially in the Netherlands. Many of these Woodrings may have emigrated from the United Kingdom or England in the 1600s. There has been a significant population of Dutch Woodrings in the Netherlands since then.

Woodring is also an extremely common last name in Germany, particularly in Bavaria and Thuringia. It is also popular in Austria and Switzerland among some families, as well as across the eastern European countries.

In the United States, Woodring is mainly found in the Midwestern states. It is especially common in Wisconsin and Ohio. There are also Woodrings located in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa.

Variations of the surname Woodring

The surname Woodring is of British and Irish origin. It is a habitational name, deriving from a place name in Lancashire or a topographic name for someone who lived near a wood. Variants include Woodringe, Woodringe, and Woodryng. Other spellings include Woodryng, Woodwringe, Woodringg, Woedryng, and Worthing.

Surnames of similar origin include Wooerine, Wooering, Woodringer, Woodringh, Woodringes, Woodringes, Woodringge, Woolett, Woodtring, Weodruin, Weodring, Waodringe, Wrodringe, and Wradringe.

Some of the earliest known records of the name Woodring can be dated back to as early as the 16th century. These records can be found in the Lancashire Parish Records and the Chester Court Rolls. It is also mentioned in the Book for Missioners of the Tower Hamlets from 1650.

In the 17th and 18th century, the name could be found in Staffordshire, Lincolnshire, and East Anglia. It was also found in London throughout this period. Many individuals bearing the Woodring surname migrated from England and Ireland to the United States throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly to Pennsylvania, Iowa, Missouri, Virginia, and Texas.

Famous people with the name Woodring

  • Walter Woodring: Comedian and popular YouTuber
  • Paul Woodring: Professional American track and field athlete
  • Elizabeth Woodring: American soprano opera singer
  • William Woodring: American politician from Missouri
  • Cliff Woodring: Professor in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics
  • Dorothy Woodring Smoot: American actress
  • Bob Woodring: Retired MLB player
  • Roy Woodring: participant of the US Open International Music Competition
  • Lisa Woodring: American poet and sculptor
  • Nick Woodring: Art director for Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Tom Woodring: Guest host of the National Public Radio show “To The Point.”
  • Joe Woodring: Olympic Freestyle wrestler
  • Geral Woodring: American sculptor
  • Jan Woodring: Singer-songwriter and different types of music composer
  • Edna Woodring: Former Miss California
  • Lindsey Woodring: Fashion designer
  • Rev. Barbara Woodring: Retired Presbyterian minister 18.Scot Woodring: Award winning independent filmmaker
  • Heidi Woodring: Contemporary abstract painter
  • Stephen Woodring: Professor of electrical engineering

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