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Surname Woodridge - Meaning and Origin

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Woodridge: What does the surname Woodridge mean?

Woodridge is an English surname that originated in the Middle Ages, derived from a combination of the Anglo-Saxon words ‘wode’ and ‘ryge’, meaning wood ridge. This is likely to have referred to a ridge situated in a wooded area; its presence having been of importance to the family who inhabited the area.

The Woodridge surname was likely to have been held by those living in England’s rural areas -- often engaged in occupations such as forestry or farming. In occupation the family would have been at the mercy of the land and crops, as well as the prevailing conditions that can often dictate a year’s yield.

The English settlers who colonised North America in the 1600s brought their surnames with them. It is likely that many of the Woodridge settlers moved to the New World to escape economic hardship and to find better opportunities in the overseas, wide-open landscapes.

The name is now fairly numerous around the world, with many of the descendants of original immigrants still residing in the United States, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the Anglosphere.

Nowadays, bearing the Woodridge surname does not only denote a person of English descent -- it also carries the tradition of hard work, and self-determination in the face of difficulty, remaining from the time of their early ancestors.

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Woodridge: Where does the name Woodridge come from?

Woodridge is a relatively common last name today, mainly found in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is also found in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries in Europe.

The name is a habitational surname, derived from wood and bridge. Typically, such surnames indicated the place of origin of the original bearer. Woodridge is a location in Derbyshire, England, and it is believed the surname originated there and spread to other countries with its various spellings.

In the United States, Woodridge is one of the top 4 thousand last names, according to the 2000 US Census. It is especially common in the states of New York, California, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. The largest number of people with the last name Woodridge reside in Colorado, Arizona, and New Jersey.

In England and Wales, Woodridge is a less common last name. It is even less common in Scotland and Northern Ireland, according to the United Kingdom's Office for National Statistics.

Overall, Woodridge is a relatively common last name, found primarily in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is also found in other countries in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, mainly originating from Derbyshire, England.

Variations of the surname Woodridge

The surname Woodridge is of English origin and is derived from the Middle English words ‘wod’ and ‘rigge’, which mean ‘wood’ and ‘ridge’ respectively. Woodridge is usually spelled with a double ‘d’, but variations include Woodriss, Woodrygge, Woodrig, Woodrydge, and Woodredge.

Woodridge is also a popular surname in the United States. Variations of the Americanized spelling include Woodredge, Woodrogen, Woodrege, Woodrigge, Woodridgee, Woodrijge, Woodrigen, Woodrijen, and Woodrissen.

Common surnames of the same origin include Woodrich, Woodridgee, Woodrydge, Woodrege, Woodrige, Woodrygge, Woodragge, Woodridg, Woodryge, and Woodridgey.

In addition, there are several other surnames which are derived from Woodridge as well. These include Woodridgey, Woodrig, Woodridgely, Woodrygd, Woodriss, Woodroge, and Woodridge-Hall.

Finally, Woodridge is a unique surname in itself in some cases. Due to the variations of spelling, it is also possible to find modern derivatives of this surname such as Woodrys and Woodroys.

Famous people with the name Woodridge

  • Jason Woodridge: British entrepreneur, entrepreneur and founder of The Management Triangle Limited.
  • Kyle Woodridge: Australian opera singer, actor and two-time Olivier Award winning performer.
  • Cass Woodridge: British actress, best known for her roles in The Pale Horse, Emmerdale and Doctors.
  • Kelly Woodridge: American television personality, best recognised as a guest judge on Americas Got Talent.
  • Hamp Woodridge: Retired Australian rules footballer and current AFL Umpire.
  • Ryan Woodridge: American former swimmer, winner of multiple gold medals at the World Para Swimming Championships.
  • Kyle Woodridge: American Shelter Meals and Arts Program Founder, and winner of the California Poet Laureate Award.
  • Marc Woodridge: British Royal Marines Sergeant, hero of the Falklands War and survivor of the HMS Argonaut disaster.
  • Natalia Woodridge: British journalist, TV presenter and broadcaster.
  • Ed Woodridge: English footballer and former Bristol City, Oxford United and Oldham Athletic forward.

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