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Surname Zachel - Meaning and Origin

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Zachel: What does the surname Zachel mean?

The last name Zachel is of German origin. It is likely derived from personal names such as Zacharia, Zechariah, Zacharja, or Sacher. This type of surname comes from an ancestral line having personal names which start with the letter Z, such as Zachel from Zacharia or Zacharja and Sacher from Sachar.

The name Zachel may have been derived from various backgrounds. It could have meant someone who made or sold girdles and belts which was a respected position held by professional artisans in many European countries during the Middle Ages. It could also refer to someone who either sold or manufactured saddles, a profession held by many villagers like the occupational name of zaddlemaker or saddler.

Additionally, the name Zachel indicates a place of origin and can also mean dweller of the city of Sachsenhausen, the German city located in the state of Thuringia.

The Zachel surname is rare and not commonly seen throughout the world. It is mostly found in the Middle Rhine region of Germany. People with this surname could be of various European nationalities although it is most widespread in Germany.

Overall, the last name Zachel is an interesting name with several possible origins. It could be a surname indicating a craftsmanship or an occupation, a place of origin, or a personal name. Whatever the origins of the name may be, the Zachel surname is unique and represents a piece of history.

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Zachel: Where does the name Zachel come from?

The last name Zachel is potentially rooted in various countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe, though precise origin stories vary. In German-speaking countries, Zachel may have been derived from "Sackel" or "Sazakl," ultimate variants of the Middle High German "sazel," meaning "dry." This is consistent with the last name's prevalence in Germany and Austria today.

In addition, Zachel is also common in the Czech Republic, which is likely due to Czech language variants of the word "zářez," meaning a "drill," as well as "záď" meaning "the backside." These may have been used as terms of endearment when addressing someone or to distinguish members of a family.

In modern times, the Zachel surname is particularly frequent in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. However, the surname can be found in other countries, particularly in those with Germanic, or German-speaking communities due to emigration in the past. For example, in the United States, the Zachel name is most common in Ohio and Pennsylvania, which has large populations of German-American and Czech-American people. Australia also has a small number of people with the surname.

Regardless of whether one traces their Zachel surname to its Germanic, Czech, or other European roots, it is clear that the name is found in multiple countries today.

Variations of the surname Zachel

The surname Zachel is derived from the Middle High German word Zachelein, which means little one or small person. This surname is most common in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Variants of this name include Zachele, Zacherl, Zachell, Zacele, Zackel, Zackell, Zackhell, and Zackle. Spellings of the surname often vary depending on the country and region, with variations including Zackel, Zachelle, Zechel, Zeckel, and Zockel.

Surnames with the same origin as Zachel appear throughout Europe, with each region having its own spelling. In Scotland, for example, this name is usually spelled Zachell or Zechell. In Italy, the variant spelling is Zachelli. In France, it is Zadiator, and in the Netherlands, it is Zackelle. In Austria, the popular spelling is Zacherl. In Finland, the surname is spelled Zakkel. In Sweden, the spelling is Zakkel. In Norway, it is Zachel or Zeckel.

Various surname combinations can arise from Zachel, including Zachle, Zackeyes, Zacheli, Zacheley, Zackels, Zalchel, and Zocherl. Other variants include Zacherli, Zachl, Zacklin, Zockey, Zuckel, and Zucher. Surnames related to Zachel include Zotter, Worker, Zhang, and Zinger.

Famous people with the name Zachel

  • John Zachel: a Broadway actor, dancer, and singer who has performed in shows such as Cats, Wicked, and Newsies.
  • Scott Zachel: a US Marine, entrepreneur, and military advisor.
  • Jason Zachel: a music video director, cinematographer, and photographer.
  • Monica Zachel: an English-born TV personality and model.
  • Shirley Zachel: a Canadian author of mystery and suspense novels.
  • Andrew Zachel: a professional golfer who has won numerous tournaments.
  • Rebecca Zachel: a fashion designer who began her career at Ralph Lauren.
  • Marie Zachel: an artist who creates paintings and sculptures.
  • Paul Zachel: a German author, historian, and professor.
  • Tony Zachel: a bass player who has toured and recorded with many bands.

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