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Surname Zangerle - Meaning and Origin

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Zangerle: What does the surname Zangerle mean?

The last name Zangerle is of Germanic origin, derived from the German word “zangen”, meaning “tongs” or “pincers”. It is likely that it was the surname of a metallurgist or metal worker in Middle Ages Germany, someone who worked with tongs or pincers to shape or move hot metals - especially in areas known for blacksmithing, such as Franconia in Bavaria.

The Zangerle family name was likely borne by skilled artisans or craftspeople, who made items like swords, armor, hafted weapons such as spears and lances, tools, and ploughshares, and a wide variety of decorative objects - all the sorts of things a metalworker might have been tasked with making. They may have even particiapted in the production of coins and medals, as well as jewelry.

As such, the Zangerle name probably carried a sense of respect, workmanship, and skill, indicating a person of good standing in their local communities. Even today, it is a common name throughout Germany and Austria, although it is hardly known elsewhere. To the modern-day Zangerles, it is a proud reminder of the traditional craftsmanship in their family’s past.

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Zangerle: Where does the name Zangerle come from?

The last name Zangerle is most commonly found in Austria and the South Tyrol region of Italy. The three main areas where Zangerle is found are the Tyrolean state of Austria, the Alto Adige region of Italy, and parts of Germany.

The Zangerle name is believed to date from the Middle Ages, and to have originated in the south-western regions of Buchauer and Iseltal in the heart of the Tyrol. It is linked to the Italian name Zangeroli, which is derived from the Germanic root words Zangerle or Zingerle, meaning ‘small song’.

The Zangerle name is still in use today, with many descendants still living in the Tyrol. Famous bearers of the name Zangerle have included Austrian ski mountaineer Gottfried Zangerle, famed for being the first mountaineer to complete the Oberland Traverse in the Alps in 1909.

The Zangerle name is also seen in Italy, especially in the region of Alto Adige which was formerly part of the Austrian Tyrol. Other variants include Zangerli, Zengerle and Zengerli. In America, the name is largely found in the states of New Jersey and New York, with small pockets of concentration in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Colorado.

Overall, the Zangerle name is still a living part of Tyrolean-Alpine culture and history. It has been passed down through generations and continues to be found across Europe and the Americas.

Variations of the surname Zangerle

Zangerle is a German surname derived from the word 'zanger', meaning 'singer'. It is also one of the many variants of the surname 'Sanger', which in turn was derived from the Middle High German zangar, meaning 'to sing.'

The most common variants of Zangerle include Sangarle, Sangarli, Sangerl, Sangarlin, Sangerle, Sangerlin, Sangerlinn and Zengerle. It is also sometimes spelled as Zangerli and Zengarle.

The various surnames of the same origin include Zanger, Sanger, Sangar, Zengerer, Zenger, Zenger, Zingerle, Zingerl, Zangger and Zengerl. There are even some more modern variants, such as Zangerlauf and Zanggerle.

In America, the surname is sometimes seen spelled as Zangler, Zandger or Zangerly, though these spellings are less common.

The Zangerle surname is particularly common in Austria, but it can also be found in other countries across Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. It is also found in the United States, primarily in New York, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Famous people with the name Zangerle

  • Robert Zangerle: musician from the United States who works in the fields of rock, blues, jazz, and folk.
  • Anna Zangerle: Austrian engineer and rocket scientist, notable in the history of space exploration.
  • Josef Zangerle: Austrian-born, Emmy Award-winning set designer known for his work on various Broadway and off-Broadway productions.
  • Werner Zangerle: Austrian stuntman and actor, known for "The Hangover Part III" (2013), "Elysium" (2013), and "Rambo III" (1988).
  • Johannes Zangerle: Austrian alpine skier, gold medal team winner at the 1952 Winter Olympics.
  • Wolfgang Zangerle: Austrian avant-garde composer and conductor of experimental music, notable for his collaborations with modern composers such as John Cage and Luciano Berio.
  • Wolfgang Zangerle: Austrian speed skater and two-time bronze medal winner in World Championship competitions.
  • Francisc Zangerle: Austrian Olympic swimmer, bronze medal winner in the 400-meter freestyle at the 1992 Summer Olympics.
  • Johann Zangerle: Austrian sculptor and graphic artist, noted for his woodcuts and sculptures depicting animals and scenes of the Austrian Alps.
  • Johannes Zangerle: Austrian painter and artwork restorer, whose works were frequently exhibited in Vienna.

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