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Surname Zangerl - Meaning and Origin

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Zangerl: What does the surname Zangerl mean?

The last name Zangerl is a German or Swiss name. It is derived from an old Germanic word zan, which translates roughly to “to sing”, and the suffix -erl, which is often found in German or Swiss toponyms, and is also thought to be derived from the Germanic word for ‘little’.

The name Zangerl suggests that those who first bore the name were likely involved in some activity related to singing—it is sometimes seen as an occupational name referring to a singer or a bard.

Alternatively, it may also be an ancestral name, which is especially common in German-speaking regions. It could have been given to a family whose ancestors were known primarily for their song as a form of social distinction and recognition.

The name Zangerl today is most common in German-speaking countries, as well as in countries with large Germanic populations, such as Canada, the United States, and Australia. No matter its geographic roots, the name Zangerl is linked to the power of song to evoke emotions, create connection, and celebrate life.

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Zangerl: Where does the name Zangerl come from?

The last name Zangerl is most commonly found in Southern Germany, Austria, and Northern Italy. It is believed to derive from the Middle High German word “zangher”, meaning a singer, indicating that the family likely originated from the profession of singing. The surname is also associated with Tyrol, an area located in northwestern Italy that used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The name is now found throughout Europe, with many Zangerl families living in Germany, Austria, and Northern Italy. The surname is also prevalent in the United States, primarily in areas with a high concentration of German-Americans, such as Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. In addition, many of the descendants of the early Austrian-American immigrants who migrated to Canada have retained the Zangerl surname.

The name Zangerl can be found in various records from the Middle Ages, indicating that it has been around for centuries. It is believed that the first recorded Zangerl was the composer, Johann Zangerl, who lived in the 16th century. Today, the name is still a common surname, with many Zangerls known for their contributions in the fields of music, literature, medicine, politics, and more.

Variations of the surname Zangerl

The surname Zangerl is common in Austrian and German-speaking countries. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Zangl, Zanggel, Zängle, Zänglein, Zängel, Zängl, Zangg, Zangger, Zenger, Zengerle, Zinger, Zingel, Zingg, and Zingger.

The Zangerl surname has its roots in the Middle High German word zanger which means singer. It is believed that the name was first adopted by individuals who sang as a profession, either in a choir or solo, and was subsequently adopted by non-related families as a surname.

In some cases, the surname was altered somewhat in spelling, particularly in Austria and Germany, simply to represent multiple people with the same surname in each area, as increased population called for a differentiating factor. One example of an altered spelling is Zängel.

The Zangerl surname is common throughout Europe, but has primarily been established in Austria and Germany, with smaller numbers in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, and Scotland. The surname has survived hundreds of years and can be found in records from the Middle Ages, which documented large numbers of families throughout Bavaria, Austria, and the Palatinate region of Germany, tracing some families as far back as the 13th century.

Though only one spelling is typically seen in a family, due to the number of variants, it can be difficult for people to trace the origin of their surname. By understanding the variations in spelling, though, it is possible to trace the surname and to find records which document the surname’s origin and use.

Famous people with the name Zangerl

  • Fritz Zangerl: a talented Austrian mountaineer, who was the first person to climb various Alpine peaks solo, without any kind of help.
  • Christoph Zangerl: a former Austrian alpine skier, who won a bronze medal in the 2001-2002 World Cup season.
  • Dominik Zangerl: an Austrian professional football player who plays as a defender for Blau-Weiß Linz in the Austrian Football First League.
  • David Zangerl: an Austrian alpine skier, who competed in the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup from 2003 to 2007.
  • Peter Zangerl: an Austrian professional ice hockey player, who played in Europe and the United States during his career.
  • Benjamin Zangerl: a German professional mountain bike athlete, who has competed in various Ultramarathon and mountainbike events.
  • Klaus Zangerl: an Austrian baritone, who has performed at various opera houses throughout Europe and in the United States.
  • Clemens Zangerl: an Austrian composer, who is best known for his work in film and television.
  • Hubert Zangerl: an Austrian jazz musician, who is the founder of the Jazz Institute of Vienna and the Jazz Institute of Graz.
  • Günther Zangerl: an Austrian comics artist, who has worked for some of the leading European comics publishers.

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