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Surname Zange - Meaning and Origin

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Zange: What does the surname Zange mean?

The origin of the last name Zange is unclear, though it is thought to be Germanic. The name may be derived from the Old High German word "zanga" which means "both sides," or "all around." It is also believed to be derived from the Middle High German word "zanken," which means "to scold, to quarrel, or to bicker."

The Zange surname is found most commonly in Italy, Austria, and the Czech Republic. In the United States, the name is most prevalent in Florida, California, and New York. People bearing the Zange surname are also quite numerous in Germany, the United Kingdom, and France.

Throughout history, the Zange family name has been associated with hard work, resilience, and resourcefulness. During the Middle Ages, the Zange surname was adopted by prominent members of the clergy and the ruling elite. This trend continued in modern times, as several members of the Zange family have achieved a degree of success in their respective fields.

The Zange name is not necessarily associated with a particular region, culture, or ethnicity, and is therefore a blank canvas for people to paint on in whichever way they choose. The name is a reminder that individuality, opportunity, and curiosity should be embraced in order to bring about success and fulfillment.

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Zange: Where does the name Zange come from?

The last name Zange is most common in the Netherlands today, though it can also be found in other parts of Europe, Africa, and beyond. In the Netherlands, Zange is most common in the province of North Brabant, but can be found throughout the country. It is also found in Germany, especially in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. In France, it is concentrated in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region and is relatively rare in other parts of the country.

The name Zange is believed to originate from a Dutch word meaning "black crow". It is thought to have been derived from the surname of a Dutch family who migrated to the region in the 16th century and was initially used as a patronymic (derived from the father's name). It is also possible that it was a locative surname, deriving from a place name, though this is less likely.

The frequency of the name Zange has decreased over time, likely due to its rarity in some parts of Europe and its lack of historical importance. However, despite its decline, it is still widely used in the Netherlands, especially in North Brabant, and can also be found in other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Zange

The surname Zange is a German name meaning “scythe”. It may also be spelled Zang and Zangingen, and has variant forms such as Zangen, Zangenberger, Zangenberger, Zangenstich, Zanghen, and Zanghern. Variants of the surname may also include Zangel, Zangg, and Zangl. The surname may also appear in other countries with slightly different variants. In the Netherlands, it might be spelled Zangen, Zangens, Zanghe, Zangk, and Zangke. In Sweden, the surname could appear with the spelling of Zangas and Zanger.

In France, this surname could be spelled Zangue, Zangée, Zangeé, or Zangét. In Germany, the surname may be Zanger, Zangher, Zanggen, Zanghen, Zaughen, Zaunhen, Zaunger, and Zaunher. In Austria, it might be spelled Zangen, Zanghen, Zangkan, and Zangken. In Switzerland, the surname may appear as Zang, Zangen, or Zanger.

In the United States and Canada, immigrants with this surname have kept the original spelling, and in some areas, the surnames Zangi, Zango, and Zangg have also been seen. This may be an Americanized version of Zange that has been changed over the years due to incorrect pronunciation or spelling.

Overall, the surname Zange has numerous variant spellings, and it is related to many other surnames such as Zangel, Zangg, Zangl, Zangas, Zanger, Zangue, Zangeé, Zangét, Zangher, Zanggen, Zanghen, Zaughen, Zaunhen, Zaunger, Zaunher, Zangen, Zangkan, and Zangken.

Famous people with the name Zange

  • Cheryl Zange: Editor and Producer at Crusher TV.
  • Franz Zange: German musician with a focus on experimental styles.
  • Bob Zange: Former American football wide receiver in National Football League.
  • Gulchatin Zange: British fashion designer known for her lavish couture designs.
  • Ernst Zange: German operatic tenor who performed at the Hamburg State Opera.
  • Vlad Zange: Russian ballet dancer, choreographer, and professor at the Bolshoi Ballet.
  • Stephan Zange: German retired footballer who played as a striker.
  • Malte Zange: German footballer who currently plays as a defender.
  • Godo Zange: Japanese Olympic judo silver medalist from the 2012 London Games.
  • Sheryl Zange: American country music singer-songwriter from Los Angeles.
  • Jon Zange: Retired American basketball player who played for Florida State University.
  • Erica Zange: Swedish professional gymnast who competed at the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships.
  • Paul Zange: German classical organist.
  • Dorothea Zange: Austrian novelist and playwright, known for her plays about mothers and daughters.
  • Eric Zange: American entrepreneur who founded the online stock trading platform MSTrades.

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