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Surname Zangel - Meaning and Origin

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Zangel: What does the surname Zangel mean?

The last name Zangel is of German origin. It is derived from the German words "Zahn" and "Angel", translating to "tooth angel". This suggests that the surname comes from a family of dentists or tooth-pullers.

In old German cities, much of the population received medical treatment from specialist dentists, bone doctors and so called tooth angel. These were specialists who would prepare root canals, clean teeth, perform extractions and even repair or build dentures. Consequently, many people who worked in this profession would take on the surname "Zangel".

It is likely that family records of the Zangel name go as far back as the Middle Ages. In more modern times, it is known that a certain Johann Zangel owned a school of medicine in 1581 in Brohl, Germany and Theodor Zangel was a prominent scientist and educationalist in the 18th century in Germany.

The Zangel surname is still popular today in certain parts of Germany and Europe, though it is not particularly common. People of the Zangel name are likely to have descent from a long line of those who practiced dentistry or bone doctorry in the past.

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Zangel: Where does the name Zangel come from?

The surname Zangel can be found in many countries around the world today. The most prevalent countries with the highest concentration of families bearing this name include the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece, and Argentina.

In the United States, the name Zangel is primarily concentrated in the states of Louisiana and Texas where it is estimated to have origins in German immigrants who migrated to the states in the early to mid-1800s. This surname is also present in states including Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

In Mexico, the surname Zangel is seen in both the eastern and western states of the country. With Mexican families having connections to European heritage, the surname may have originated through the Spanish empire.

In Brazil, the name Zangel is found in the south and southeast areas of the country, with it likely originating from immigrants from Italy or Greece.

In the European countries of Italy, Spain, Austria, and Greece, the surname Zangel can be found in small pockets across each of these countries due to immigration from other parts of the world.

In Argentina, Zangel can be found in the northern and western parts of the country. As many European immigrants moved to South America in the late 1800s and early 1900s, there is a good chance that the surname was brought over from other parts of Europe.

Overall, the surname Zangel can be seen all around the world and is most concentrated in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece, and Argentina.

Variations of the surname Zangel

The surname Zangel is derived from the Jewish given name Zangvil or Tsangvel. It is a relatively rare surname that is believed to have originated in central and eastern Europe.

Variants of this surname include Zangvel, Zangwill, Zangvill, Zanger, Zonger, Zongers, and Zonguell. Other spellings of this surname include Zangville, Zangvall, Zangful, Zangfelt, Zangfeltz, and Zangfellow.

The surnames Zangvil, Zangvall, and Zangval are all common variations of the same origin. Other related surnames that have the same origin as Zangel include Zang, Zangs, Zangen, and Zangman.

In some parts of the world, Zangel may be spelled Zengel or Zengeler instead. It may also appear as Engels or Engelse, which is a variation of the same surname adopted by Dutch-speaking Jews.

Zangel is closely related to many other Jewish surnames of Central and Eastern European origin. These include Zanger, Zangiev, and Zang, surnames which are all derived from the same root name as Zangel.

Famous people with the name Zangel

  • Zachary Zangel: American actor best known for roles in television, film and theatre productions.
  • Michael Zangel: Film Producer and Director.
  • John Zangel: Lead Singer and Guitarist of the alternative rock band “The Maladies of Belladonna”.
  • Fred Zangel: Founder of the theatrical production company, “Zangel Productions”.
  • Mark Zangel: Jazz Musician and Band Leader.
  • James Zangel: Founding Member of the bluegrass/folk rock band “Ginormous Brothers”.
  • Peter Zangel: Founder of the hot sauce company, “Zangels on Fire”.
  • Alexandra Zangel: Professional Writer.
  • Mariah Zangel: Fashion Designer.
  • Andrea Zangel: Music Educator and Trumpet Player.

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