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The Gailey Surname Project


The Gailey / Galey / Gealy family seems to have originated on or near the Isle of Bute off the western shore of Scotland, and near Glasgow. It also seems that at least some of the American immigrant lines lived for a while in Northern Ireland, in County Donegal, before journeying to the New World.



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Gaalay, Gaaley, Gaaly, Gaeley, Gaely, Gailey, Gailie, Gailley, Gaily, Gale, Gales, Galey, Galie, Gallay, Galley, Gallie, Gally, Galy, Galyean, Gaulley, Gayle, Gayley, Gaylie, Gayllie, Gayly, Gealee, Geales, Gealie, Gealley, Geallie, Geally, Gealy, Geely, Gehley, Geiley, Geily, Gele, Gelie, Gelle, Gellie, Gelly, Ghely, Guiley

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