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The Hawkins Surname Project


The purpose of the HAWKINS Worldwide Genealogy DNA Project is to assist in the confirmation of collected historical data. Participants in the project submit samples from light scrapings/combings from the inside cheeks of their mouth. These combings are tested for the number of ?repeats? (or alleles) of selected markers of the Y-chromosome (the y-chromosome is passed from the father to the son each generation, and are unchanged for many generations). The alleles are entered into a database for comparison to all other participants. Surname participants with the matching markers are descendants of the same male ancestor. Knowing what proven Hawkins line that you descend from will allow you to concentrate your efforts on that line, not wasting time with an unrelated group of Hawkins; it will help keep you out of that proverbial blind alley.



Other surnames in Project

banu makhzomi, banu Uqayl, Hackins, Haikins, Hakins, Harkans, Harkens, Harkin, Harking, Harkings, Harkins, Harkinson, Harkis, Haskins, Haukins, Hawckins, Hawken, Hawkens, Hawkin, Hawkines, Hawkings, Hawkins, Hawkinson, Hawkis, Hawkyns, Haykins, Horkins, Valkenberg, Valkenbergh

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