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The Schrock Surname Project


Everyone with the surnames Schrag, Schrock, Schrack, or any variation, is invited to participate in our project. We aim to sort out our family trees, learning as much as possible about both our early origins and the many branches that have developed. We particularly encourage people to join in the project from as wide a range of family branches, backgrounds, nationalities, religious and ethnic groups, etc., as possible, as the greater the range of participants, the more we can learn. We hope to hear from you! We also welcome anyone who has reason to believe - or to wonder whether - their family is related to ours (such as Sternemans/Stirnimann or Gertsch families). Let the DNA speak!We urge you to order at least the 25-marker Y DNA test unless your financial means don't permit it, as this is needed to adequately compare family branches. We also welcome mtDNA tests (despite what the company says below about requirements), above all if your maternal line is of a similar background to your paternal one. Please do get in touch and share all you know of your genealogy. Thank you!



Other surnames in Project

Gertsch, Schrack, Schrag, Schraga, Schrage, Schragg, Schrago, Schraque, Schreyack, Schrock, Shrock, Sternerman, Stirnaman, Stirneman, Stirniman, Stirnimann

Join the Schrock surname project

If you want to join the Schrock project please order your DNA test here.

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