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Surname Aberli - Meaning and Origin

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Aberli: What does the surname Aberli mean?

The last name Aberli is an occupational name derived from the Middle High German word "Aberlieb", meaning "one who loves the water", or "lakeside-dweller". It is likely that the original bearer of the surname was involved in fishing or boat building due to his occupation and lifestyle, living by the water. The name Aberli may also be related to the medieval French city of Aberlys, which was also known as d'Auburel. This city was built on a riverbank and was historically known for its boatyards and docks.

The Aberli name has been prevalent throughout Europe since the Medieval Times. It is mainly found in Switzerland, where it ranks as the 128th most common surname. It is also found in Germany, France and Austria, and in other European countries where French and Germanic cultures have had an influence.

The Aberli surname has spread to other parts of the world, as well, due to migration. It is possible to find Aberli families in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

The Aberli name is a reminder of the family's historical roots by the water, and can be seen as a symbol of an enduring connection to the past.

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Aberli: Where does the name Aberli come from?

The last name Aberli is primarily found in Switzerland and Germany today. It is a relatively uncommon name, as data from various genealogical databases show less than 1,000 individuals currently bearing the name.

Particularly in Switzerland, Aberli is most commonly seen in the German-speaking cantons - particularly Schwyz, Zurich and Uri - but can also be found in smaller numbers in French-speaking cantons such as Geneva, Neuchâtel, and Vaud. In Germany, Aberli is most commonly found in the states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and Hesse.

Aberli is thought to be derived from the old German female given name Alberada, which makes it a patronymic last name. It is believed to have been common amongst the oldest of the Aberli families living in the Alpine regions of Switzerland and Germany.

Although Aberli may not be a particularly common name today, it nevertheless has many direct descendants spread throughout the world, with various branches of the original name scattered throughout Europe, North and Latin American, Australasia, and South East Asia.

Variations of the surname Aberli

The Aberli surname likely comes from the Swiss region of Valais, and the name itself is derived from the word Abere, meaning "father." It is most commonly spelled Aberli, but is also found in various other spellings, such as Abereli, Aberle, and Aberly.

Other forms of the Aberli surname include Aebeli, Aebli, Äbeli, Aubeli, Aubli, Avila, Avella, Abelli, Abellu, Absola, Abbelin, Abbulin, Abele, Abelin, Abelini, Abely, Aberlae, Aberlie, Aberti, Aberto, Aboelv, Abellig, Abesse, and Abrell.

In some cases, the Aberli surname has evolved into an entirely different surname over time. For example, the surname Abbruzzese is derived from the Italian Aberli, and the Scottish surname Abercrombie is thought to be an adaptation of the Aberli family name. Other related surnames include Abar, Abernathy, Abercrombrie, and Aberly.

In summary, the Aberli surname and its variations have a long history, and it has been carried by many families across the globe throughout the centuries. The variants and spellings of the surname vary depending on the country and region in which it was adopted, and over time many other surnames have been derived from it.

Famous people with the name Aberli

  • John Aberli Jr. (1942—2016), American auto racing driver.
  • Lisa Aberli (born 1956), Swiss sprinter.
  • Martin Aberli (1923-2007), Swiss modernist painter and sculptor.
  • Stephen Aberli (born 1950), Swiss jurist.
  • John Aberli Sr. (1920–2001), former professional stock car driver
  • Wynona Aberli (born 1944), American workers' rights advocate and unionist
  • Hans-Joachim Aberli (1930–2018), Swiss professional football midfielder
  • Lorena Aberli (born 1924), Argentine art director and scenic designer.
  • Simon Aberli (born 1970), Swiss landscape photographer and artist.
  • William Aberli (1925–2010), Swiss painter.
  • Philippe Aberli (born 1954), Swiss motorcycle racer.
  • Crystal Aberli (born 1990), American professional golfer.
  • Toni Aberli (born 1951), Swiss bobsledder.
  • Jean-Benoît Aberli (born 1951), French editor and publisher.
  • Joséphine Aberli (fl. 1900s–1920s), French shoemaker.

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