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Surname Aberl - Meaning and Origin

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Aberl: What does the surname Aberl mean?

The last name Aberl is of German origin and is derived from the word "aber," meaning "over" or "across." It is a locational name for a person from any of the places such as Abfaltersbach in Bavaria, Abtsdorf in Bavaria, or Aberl in Thuringia. In all of these places, the name derives from the German word for "over."

Today, the Aberl surname is found in Austria and parts of Southern Germany, and is likely to remain so. The word "aber" or "over" provides an indication for the came of origin for the family. It is likely that the original person who took the name from a location either was crossing a river, or lived near a bridge or ford which crossed the river.

In Southern Europe, many surnames were based on geography. As the family moved to different locations, they were often known by the name of their former home. This could have been the case for the Aberl family. Although it is not known exactly when the family arrived or from where, it is possible that the origin of the name "Aberl" was taken from a specific place in Germany, Austria, or even in the surrounding areas.

No matter how the Aberl family got its name, the last name still carries a strong meaning of "over," expressing the family's journey over obstacles and adversity. The characteristics of the Aberl family hold true today: strong, resilient, brave, and willing to cross boundaries to succeed.

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Aberl: Where does the name Aberl come from?

The last name Aberl is most commonly connected to Austria and Germany. It is a relatively uncommon name, but there are still many areas where it is present today. In Germany, it is concentrated in the German-speaking regions of North-Rhine Westphalia, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and Saxony. In particular, the area around Nuremburg, Munich, and Stuttgart has a large population of individuals with the last name Aberl.

The name is also found in Austria, mostly in Vienna, Salzburg, and Carinthia. In other areas of Europe, like Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium, individuals with the last name Aberl are more sparse but can still be found.

In the United States, the name is most common in Pennsylvania, along with New York, Illinois, California, Ohio, and Virginia. Specifically, many cities with a large population of people with German ancestry tend to have a higher concentration of Aberls, such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Moreover, due to migration, many individuals with the last name Aberl have settled in other parts of the world like Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Aberl

The surname Aberl is derived from the ancient Germanic personal name, Albert, which may have been derived from 'Adalbert' meaning 'noble and bright'. This surname was common throughout Europe in the Middle Ages and is still found in various forms today.

Variations of the Aberl surname can include Abell, Aberley, Aberling, Aberlin, Aberlind, Averley, Averling, and Averlin. All of these examples are varying spellings of the same name.

The Aberl surname also has multiple associated surnames, including Adalbero, Albrecht, Albrectsen, Albredd, Alfredd, Auberlin, Aver, and Averill.

The Aberl surname is unique as it carries different spellings and variations in almost every country that it is found in. Many variations of the Aberl surname can also be found in many English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Because of the many variations of the Aberl surname, it is helpful to search for records on related surnames such as Aver, Albrecht, Albrectsen, Albredd, and Alfredd. This may lead to more family records and help trace the Aberl family history.

In conclusion, the Aberl surname is extremely popular worldwide and has many variations, spellings, and associated surnames. It is important to research related surnames to get a better understanding of the family history, as this will help to uncover more records and further connections.

Famous people with the name Aberl

  • Mark Aberl. Mark Aberl is a German football player, currently playing in the position of defensive midfielder for Wehen Wiesbaden as of 2021.
  • Meg Aberl. Meg Aberl is an Austrian-American alpine skier. She made her World Cup debut on the 2018 World Cup season in the slalom and giant slalom events.
  • Charles F. Aberl. Charles F. Aberl was responsible for developing and engineering the first transatlantic cable in the late 19th century.
  • Peter Aberl. Peter Aberl is a German professor at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt, Germany. He is a professor of computer science and business administration.
  • Zita Aberl. Zita Aberl is a professional composition artist from Vienna, Austria. Her work primarily focuses on symphonic music and filmscore.
  • Lois Aberl. Lois Aberl is a British glass and aluminum designer and sculptor based out of London, U.K.
  • Max Aberl. Max Aberl is a former German chess player, who competed in numerous international tournaments in the mid-1900’s.
  • Aharon Aberl. Aharon Aberl is a Rabbi and educator from Haifa, Israel. He is widely known for his work in religious education and spirituality.
  • Steve Aberl. Steve Aberl is an American acrylic and oil painter based out of New York City. He is well known for his abstract and surrealist style of painting.

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