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Surname Abert - Meaning and Origin

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Abert: What does the surname Abert mean?

The last name Abert is of German origin and is a habitational name derived from two differently-spelled places named Aberg and Abert. It is believed that the Abert name dates back to the 14th century in the Berz region of Germany. The Abert name was linked to ownership of these two localities.

The name Abert can be spelled in many different ways, such as Abber, Abehr, Abhart, Awart, Ahart, Ebert, Eebard, Ehbert, Eberdt, and Evert. The variations of the Abert name offer insight into how the name had changed over time.

The Abert surname is linked to several prominent figures throughout history. Johann Bernhard von Abert was a noted German military leader in the 1700s, while in the 1800s Austrian philologist and zoologist Johann Heinrich Abert published a survey of the birds of Europe. Other noteworthy Abert figures include 17th century astronomer Johannes Abert, 19th century musician Joseph Abert, and 20th century sculptor Josef Abert.

Today, the last name Abert is associated with encouraging creativity, independence, and intuition. People with the name Abert often enjoy exploring new ideas and technologies and have a tendency to be highly intellectual. Country of origin and variations in spelling notwithstanding, the Abert name is the embodiment of strength, success, and courage.

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Abert: Where does the name Abert come from?

The last name Abert is most common in the United States, particularly in the Midwestern and Southern states. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Abert is the 2,579th most common surname, ranked between Abell and Abernathy. In the latest count from 2018, there were over 7000 individuals in the United States with this last name.

The surname Abert is also found across Europe, particularly in the countries of England and Germany. According to Forebears, the surname is most common in Germany, where it is ranked as the 1,416th most common last name. In England, it is ranked 8,579th most common.

This surname has been found frequently in records dating back to the Middle Ages. One of the earliest uses of the name was found in documents from 1282 in the city of Munich in Germany. The name was also frequently used in England, especially in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and Oxfordshire during the Middle Ages.

The spelling of this surname has changed over the centuries. In English records, some of the more common variations have included Aberg, Abowirt, and Abort. Today, the most common spelling of the name is Abert.

Variations of the surname Abert

The surname Abert is of German origin and its variants include Ahbert, Ahbrecht and Abbrecht. The surname is derived from the personal names Bert (from beraht, meaning ‘bright’) or Albert (originally a Germanic given name derived from adal, meaning ‘noble’).

Spellings for the surname include Abert, Ahber, Ahbert, Ahbret, Ehbert, Ehbrecht, Abrecht, Ebrit, Ebrict, Ebert, Ebret, Abreght, Aberth, Abeurer, and Abereth.

Variations on the surname include Aberg, Aaberg, Aabers, De Aabers, Aberghe, Abraer, d’Abrer, Abrecht, Abricht, Abrisch, Ebbers, Ebbrecht, Apperrt, De Abregger, Deabrie, Abrich, and Eberecht.

Additionally, the surname is also found in various countries throughout Europe, with variations such as Abercromby, Albertini, Alberti, Abrahm, Abercrombie and Abernethy found in England, Abercromby and Abercromby-Scott found in Scotland, and Alffert and Alpert found in Germany. In France, the variations include Auber, Auberger, Hbert, Aubirge, Herrbert, Abar, Allibert, Hibert and Aber.

In the Netherlands, variations include Apebregt, Abertje, Abergse, Herrbregt, Abertege and Abertsen. It is also found in Hungary, where variations include Albrecht. In Czech Republic and Slovakia, the surname is found as Albrecht.

In the United States, the surname Abert is derived from the German word “Aber” which means “over” and is traditionally found in the states that were populated by German immigrants. Variations of the surname Abert in US include Aber, Aberlein, Albert, Albrecht, Alpern and Alpert.

Famous people with the name Abert

  • John James Abert (1788-1863): an American cartographer and soldier that served as the head of the Topographical Bureau of the War Department.
  • Martha Abert (born 1984): an American actress best known for her roles in Without a Trace, Men of a Certain Age and Law & Order.
  • Jan Abert (1903-1973): a Czech actor who appeared in several films in the 1930s.
  • Joan Abert (born 1968): a Spanish screenwriter and film producer.
  • Greg Abert (born 1982): an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Marie Abert (1850-1934): a French educator, artist, and writer who was devoted to children's education.
  • Ernest Adolphe Abert (1788-1863): a German violinist and composer of the Romantic era.
  • Joseph Profir Abert (1788-1863): an American military officer who was the head of the Corps of Topographical engineers.
  • Victor Abert (1883-1963): a Russian physicist and chemist who developed the field of radiometry.
  • Joseph Karl von Abert (1814-1904): a German botanist and plant collector active in the Austrian Empire.

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