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Surname Ablasser - Meaning and Origin

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Ablasser: What does the surname Ablasser mean?

The surname Ablasser is of German origin. It is derived from the word "ablösen", which translates into English as "to loose, to set free". Historically, this surname was most likely given to a person who was a professional negotiator, mediator, or lawyer. The primary purpose of these individuals was to "set free" their clients from potentially difficult circumstances, most likely of a legal nature.

The name Ablasser implies a sense of freedom, independence, and ability to negotiate difficult situations. It resembles the word "absolver", which comes from Latin and means "to free" or "to acquit". This implies a sense of relatability and understanding in tough situations, as well as the capacity to find the right solution.

This surname is not very common throughout the world, but is most likely found in the German-speaking countries of central Europe. It is believed to have first appeared in records sometime in the mid-16th century. Today, the people who still carry the name of Ablasser are likely proud of their unique and meaningful heritage.

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Ablasser: Where does the name Ablasser come from?

The last name Ablasser is most common in Austria. According to a 2007 assessment, the name is located throughout the entire country, and 59 of the 81 (73%) provincial districts have at least one occurrence of the surname. From the provincial level, it is most prominent in the Salzburg district, at 2.2 per 10,000 population. It is also common in the neighboring district of Upper Austria, where it is found at a rate of 1.73 per 10,000 people.

In addition to Austria, the last name Ablasser is also fairly common in neighboring German-speaking countries, such as Switzerland and Germany. A 2019 estimate indicates that the name is located in approximately 1.75 per 10,000 population within the country, with a slightly higher rate in the German state of Bavaria.

The last name Ablasser is also found in other parts of the world. Research shows that it is common in the United States, with a rate of around 3 per 10,000 population reported in the 2000 census. It is also found in Canada and Australia, though at much lower rates than in other countries.

Variations of the surname Ablasser

The surname Ablasser is believed to have Germanic origins and is thought to be derived from the word ‘ablassen’, meaning to stop or cease. The surname is thought to have first appeared in documents in Germany during the Middle Ages.

Variants of the surname Ablasser include: Aplasser, Ablasser, Aplasse, Aplasses, Aplaser and Aplasor.

Spellings of the surname Ablasser include: Aplasser, Ablasser, Applasser, Aplasse, Applase, Applases, Aplaser, and Aplasor.

Surnames of the same origin as Ablasser include: Aplassen, Ablassen, Applassen, Aplass, Applass, Applasses, Aplasen, Aplasor and Aplassor.

Over the centuries, the surname has been known to evolve and change. The variations and spellings of Ablasser may have been adopted due to unfamiliarity with the original spelling, translations of the name to other languages, alterations to distinguish between branches of a family with a similar surname or due to errors made by officials when recording or transcribing a name.

The variations and spellings of Ablasser can be found particularly across European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland, as well as American countries such as the United States and Canada.

Famous people with the name Ablasser

  • Caroline Ablasser: German-born actress who starred in the movie “Das Vierte Reich” and appeared in TV shows such as “Der Untergang” and “Sturm der Lieb”.
  • Erich Ablasser: Austrian/German artist and recognized as one of the most important Expressionist painters of the early 20th century.
  • Brent Ablasser: Professional motocross racer who won the 2003 Eastern Regional MXS Championship.
  • Alfred Ablasser: German airplane and rocket scientist, a pioneer in aviation in the 1920s and 30s and who later worked at NASA from 1960-1966.
  • Christian Ablasser: Austrian-born mountain climber who in 1987 became the first climber to summit every major peak in the European Alps.
  • Eva Ablasser: German writer whose novels often touch on social issues and who won the 2002 Brandenburg Literature Prize.
  • Max Ablasser: German entrepreneur who was awarded the Knights Cross of the German Order of Merit in 1991 for his contributions to trade relations and support of the German economy.
  • Peter Ablasser: Austrian/German rock/pop musician known for his melodic yet gritty songs influenced by 80s bands such as The Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division.
  • Kurt Ablasser: German doctor and medical researcher whose research focuses on natural medical remedies and holistic healing methods.
  • Sabine Ablasser: German actress who has appeared in various television series, feature films, and plays.

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