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Surname Adami - Meaning and Origin

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Adami: What does the surname Adami mean?

The last name Adami is of Italian origin, and is derived from the Roman clan name 'Adamo'. It is thought that the name originated from the Latin verb 'Adamare', which means 'to love, to approve of'.

The surname Adami is found widespread throughout Italy and its meaning may vary slightly according to regional influences. It tends to be associated with generosity, resilience, and strength. It is also metaphorically associated with Adam, the first man in the Bible.

The Adami family is a prominent and respected family throughout Italian history, producing many acclaimed political figures, artists, thinkers and explorers. It is a particularly popular name within Sicily, and many families within the area trace their lineage back to the name.

The most famous bearer of the name is the playwright Carlo Goldoni, who famously wrote The Servant of Two Masters. Other notable bearers of the name include the Italian neurosurgeon Ugo Adami and the Italian painter Corrado Adami.

The name Adami has been present in Italy for many centuries and evokes a sense of tradition, honour and respect. Its popularity continues to this day and will likely remain so into the future.

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Adami: Where does the name Adami come from?

The last name Adami is common today mainly in Italy, Switzerland, and France. It is found mostly in the northern regions of those countries, in particular in the provinces and cities of Piedmont, Lombardy, Bolzano (Alto Adige), and Ticino. The latest estimates placed the number of people with this surname at around 35,000.

The name Adami can have different origins depending on the region where it is found. In Piedmont, the name may refer to a variant of Adamo, derived from the Jewish name Adam, either from the Hebrew meaning "the man" or the Latin version meaning "red earth." In Lombardy, usually spelled Adamini, it can be derived from medieval professions like Adamo de Mastro or Sebenico Adamo, given to a master craftsman specialized in boat building. In Bolzano and Ticino, the name is thought to be of Slavic origin, possibly referring to religious, Christian, or social figures.

In the United States, Adami is an uncommon name with fewer than 500 occurrences. It's mostly found in large cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia or amongst those of Italian origins. It is also seen among some other countries with migrations from Italy and other parts of Europe, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela.

Variations of the surname Adami

The surname Adami holds a variety of spellings and variants stemming from different areas and languages. It is found in several countries and across all of Europe in various forms, but is especially popular in the Italian-speaking nations, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.

It is typically derived from the Latin name Adamus, which can be translated to “son of Adam”. It is translated to various languages, which gives it numerous variants, such as Adam, Adams, Adamo, Adamson, Adamcik, Adamczyk, Addams, Adamek, and Adamik.

In the Germanic countries, the name holds a variety of spellings, including Adam, Adams, Adami, Adamo, Adamsen, Adamson, Adaminger, Adamush and Adamic.

In northern and eastern European countries, such as Poland and Slovakia, it is commonly spelled as Adamowicz, Adamowiczek, Adamowiec and Adamovicz.

In Spain and Portugal, the name is commonly spelled as Ádami, Adaimi, Adamo, and Adamí. In France, the names takes different spellings such as Adam, Adimi, Adame and Adamé.

In Italy and other Italian-speaking countries, such as Malta, variations include Adamo, Adamini, Adami, Adamiti, Adamino, and Adamucci.

In Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries the name is usually spelled as Adamin, Adamenko, Adamian, Adamtsiv, Adamenco, and Adamenkozona.

In Turkey, and other Western Asian countries, variants include Adem and Ademi.

Regardless of spelling variations, these names are all related and share the same origin; “son of Adam”.

Famous people with the name Adami

  • Claudio Adami: an Italian professional footballer
  • Marco Adami: Italian actor
  • Angelo Adami: Italian tenor
  • Connie Adami: American musician and songwriter
  • Pietro Adami: Italian composer
  • Augusto Adami: Italian biography, recipient of the Nobel Prize
  • Maria Adami: Italian ice-skater
  • Michael Adami: American hockey player
  • Joe Adami: American professional wrestler known as "The Broker"
  • Valeria Adami: Italian journalist and television presenter
  • Vincenzo Adami: Italian composer, conductor and teacher
  • Mario Adami: Italian painter
  • Luigi Adami: Italian sculptor
  • Alice Adami: Swiss journalist and author
  • Antonio Adami: Italian general
  • Annibale Adami: Italian Architect
  • Daniele Adami: Italian professional soccer player
  • Piero Adami: Italian songwriter
  • Mattia Adami: Italian professional soccer player
  • Donato Adami: Italian engineer and writer

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