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Surname Austin - Meaning and Origin

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F. Austin

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Austin: What does the surname Austin mean?

The surname Austin is of English origin and is derived from the personal name "Austin," a vernacular form of Latin ‘Augustinus’ or ‘Augustus’, meaning "venerable" or "consecrated". Augustus was an epithet of the Roman Emperor Octavius. The name Austin viably conveyed respect and reverence, being associated with the Latin 'augere', implying "to increase" or "to grow". An alternate interpretation of "Augustine" is "magic dignity". It became common in England and other European countries after the famous St Augustine of Hippo, who was a significant Church Father in early Christianity. Hence, the surname Austin is commonly found in European and North American genealogical records. The name was especially popular among those looking for a Christian, religious name.

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Austin: Where does the name Austin come from?

The last name Austin is derived from the personal name “Austin,” an contraction of the Roman name “Augustine.” Augustine was popular in England as both a baptismal and a monastic name after the famous Saint Augustine of Hippo, known for his theological works. It became a surname during the Middle Ages, when surnames were created out of popular first names.

In terms of nationality, Austin is considered primarily English, but it is also found in Scottish heritage. In England, the name was prevalent in areas like Sussex, Devon, and Kent.

In the current era, Austin is a common surname in the United States, with some estimates ranking it within the top 200 most common surnames. It is especially common in the southern and midwestern parts of the US. One of the most recognizable "Austins" in America is the capital city of Texas, named after Stephen F. Austin, known as the 'Father of Texas'. It is also commonly found in England, Australia, and Canada.

Variations of the surname Austin

The surname Austin is of Latin origin, stemming from the given name Augustine. Variations and spellings can differ based on geographical location or personal preference. Some common variants and spelling of Austin include Austen, Auston, Ostien, Austing, Austyn, and Aystin.

The name Austen, made famous by the English novelist Jane Austen, is an Old French variation which became popular in England from the 12th century. Auston is often considered an Americanized version of Austin.

In Ireland, the name is sometimes rendered as Austing or Aystin, reflecting the country's unique phonetic spelling tradition. In French speaking regions, Ostien could be used as an equivalent.

The name has also been transformed into surnames such as Augustine, Augustin, and Augustyn in different regions. The name Augustine itself is derived from the Latin word "augustinus", which means "magic dignity" and was originally used as a first name before eventually becoming a surname.

All these names have the same root as Austin, reflecting the name's vast use and variation across different cultures and languages.

Famous people with the name Austin

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin: Former professional wrestler and actor, known for his time in WWE.
  • Jake T. Austin: Actor, best known for his roles in Disney's "Wizards of Waverly Place" and films like "Hotel for Dogs".
  • Austin Butler: Actor and model known for TV series "The Shannara Chronicles".
  • Patti Austin: Grammy-winning R&B and jazz singer.
  • Sherrié Austin: Australian country singer and actress.
  • Stephen F. Austin: Known as the "Father of Texas", played a key role in the early settlement of Texas by Americans.
  • Nicole Austin: Commonly known as Coco Austin, she's a model and reality TV star, wife of rapper Ice-T.
  • Tavon Austin: NFL player, currently a free agent.
  • Tracy Austin: Former professional tennis player, youngest ever US Open female singles champion.
  • Rodney Austin: NFL player, offensive guard.
  • Roselmina Austin: British film actress active in the 1930s.
  • Austin Abrams: American actor known for his roles in "Paper Towns" and "The Walking Dead".
  • Austin Nichols: Actor known for roles in series like "One Tree Hill" and "The Walking Dead".
  • Jay Austin: Former professional wrestler.

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