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Surname Austing - Meaning and Origin

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Austing: What does the surname Austing mean?

The last name Austing is likely derived from the Old English word eaust, meaning 'east', and is thought to have been given to people who migrated eastwards from their homeland. It is likely that these people settled in the low-lying areas of modern-day England along the east coast.

The Austing surname probably originated in Northern England, as several early records of the name in this region have been found. One of theseregisters was a poll tax assessed in Yorkshire in 1379. These records suggest that the Austing family, as well as their descendants, lived predominantly in England’s East Anglia region, as well as in West Yorkshire.

Today, those with the Austing surname can trace their history back to the East of England. The name is still present in many areas of Northern England, including Greater London and Norfolk. Over the years, the Austing surname has been adapted to various Anglicized versions, including Austin and Austen.

Austing is considered to be an occupational surname, as early records often mentioned bearers of the name as KTS traders, fishermen or bakers. Over time, those with the Austing surname spread across England and beyond, and eventually families with the surname can be found in many countries around the world. As such, the last name can be seen as a reflection of the global migration of people.

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Austing: Where does the name Austing come from?

The last name Austing is most commonly found in the United States and Canada, where it is ranked in the top 2000 surnames. It is also common in Australia, where it ranks in the top 1000. The name is of uncertain meaning and origin, though it may have derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "aest" meaning "eastern".

Austing is most prevalent in the United States, with the most dense populations located in the South and Midwest. In the southern states, the highest concentrations are in Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina. In the midwest, the highest concentrations are in Kansas, Missouri, and Minnesota. In Canada, it is most common in Ontario and Alberta.

The Austing surname is often found in association with other names of German or Scandinavian origin, suggesting that it may have been introduced through settlers from these regions. The oldest documented occurrence of the name is 1205 in London, England.

Today, the Austing surname is rarely found in Britain, though it is present in the United States. It is seen as a very old-fashioned, rustic name in the American South, and variations of it are still occasionally used as a given name.

Variations of the surname Austing

Austing is a surname of several different origins and spellings. In Europe, it most likely originated from a diminutive of the Anglo-Saxon personal name Augustine or Austen, which derived from an old German personal name, Austido. It can also be a patronymic name, as Austin is an alternate spelling for Augustus.

The most common spellings of Austing include Austin, Austen, Austinn, Auston, and Austun. There are also variants like Aasting, Asten, Auten, Austan, and Owsting.

In England, Austing is most commonly found as a patronymic surname, where it is spelled Austin or Austen. In Scotland, it is generally more often spelled Auten. And in the Netherlands, the spelling Owsting is more common.

Surnames derived from the same root include Austom, Austombe, Astone, Awstin, Austinbrut, Austingburgh, Austonby, Auter, Auters, Auton and Owston.

Austing is an Anglicized spelling; a variety of other Anglicised spellings of the same family name exist, including Aiston, Aistin, Auten and Autin. In some cases, the last two letters of the name have been omitted, leading to the shortened version Aust.

Given the range of spellings and variations, it is likely that the surname Austing has spread across Europe in different forms over the centuries. In some cases, several variations with different spellings have developed in different countries.

In conclusion, Austing is a surname with several different spellings and variants. It is likely of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the Old German personal name Austido or an anglicised form of Augustine or Austen. In some cases, Austing may have developed further variants due to spread across Europe over the centuries, giving rise to spellings such as Astone, Auton, Aiston, Auters and Austinbrut.

Famous people with the name Austing

  • Elizabeth Austin: Elizabeth Austin was an American costume designer who worked on various big-budget films such as A Star is Born, A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire, Out of Africa, and The Great Gatsby.
  • Austin Mahone: Austin Mahone is an American pop singer and dancer who has released three musical albums and has many hit singles, including “What About Love” and “Mmm Yeah”.
  • Dane Austin: Dane Austin is an American film and television actor who has appeared in multiple films and TV shows, such as Spider-Man 3, Criminal Minds, and Suits.
  • Kaili Austin: Kaili Austin is an American figure skater and former short track speed skater. She is a four-time US National Figure Skating Champion and competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics.
  • David Austing: David Austing was an American blues musician who performed with his band, the Austing Blues Band, during the 1940s and 1950s.
  • W. Brian Austin: W. Brian Austin is an American physicist and professor at Harvard University. He is the author of numerous books and scientific articles on the topics of nuclear physics and nonlinear optics.
  • Hugh Austing: Hugh Austing was an American tennis player who competed in the Men’s Singles of the U.S. National Championship during the 1930s.
  • Dave Austing: Dave Austing was an American jazz guitarist who performed in a variety of settings including cruises and festivals across the United States.
  • Sidney Austin: Sidney Austin was an Irish journalist and poet. He was a contributing editor for The National Observer and published several books throughout his career.
  • Austin Powers: Austin Powers is a fictional character from the movie series of the same name. He is a secret agent known for his outrageous style and laid-back attitude.

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