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Surname Bachus - Meaning and Origin

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Bachus: What does the surname Bachus mean?

The last name Bachus is of German origin, derived from the Biblical figure Bachus, who was the grandson of the High Priest Eli. It was a relatively common surname in Germany, but gradually lost its prevalence in the 18th century. The name itself was derived from the Old Germanic baptismal name Bacho, which in turn was derived from the Latin name ‘Bacchus’ meaning “loud noise or revelry”, and could have originally been associated with the god of wine, parties and pleasure in Greek mythology.

Over the years, the name has taken on several variations in spelling, with Bach, Bachmann, and Bachman being the most popular variants. The German habit of adding a prefix or suffix to the surname has also produced other common variations, such as Bache, Bacher, and Bächer. In the United States, the spelling variants and suffixes have mostly been rendered as Bachus or Baches.

The pronunciation of the name has also evolved over time. In its original German, the name was pronounced “BAH-khush” with the emphasis on the second syllable. In modern time, however, the pronunciation has become much more Anglicized, with the emphasis being more on the first syllable “BAY-kuhs”.

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Bachus: Where does the name Bachus come from?

The last name Bachus is most prominent in contemporary Germany, where it is most common in North Rhine-Westphalia. This region alone holds more than 1,900 bearers of the last name, which represents roughly 98% of the name's population within Germany. Outside of Germany, the last name Bachus is especially well-represented in the United States and the Netherlands, with a population of 246 and 227 bearers respectively.

The name Bachus is believed to be derived from the Middle German "backe," which translates directly to "whiskered one." As such, the original family line of Bachus may have come from the region of Bavaria, where Germanic tribes with prominent facial hair may have given rise to the surname. As families of this name have migrated across Europe, the US, and the world, taking up residence and citizenship in a variety of countries, the last name Bachus has become increasingly well-distributed.

Given its Germanic origins, the most concentrated region for the name remains in North Rhine-Westphalia. Still, the last name Bachus continues to be encountered across a wide variety of countries, representing a well-maintained tradition of the Bachus family line stretching back centuries.

Variations of the surname Bachus

The surname "Bachus" is believed to have originated from the Germanic personal name “Bachus”. This name is derived from the ancient Germanic elements “bac” meaning “baker” and “hus” meaning “house”.

Variants and spellings of “Bachus” include Bach, Bache, Backhaus, Bachhaus, Bachhus, Bachhuss, Bacchus, Bachuso, Bacus, and Bacchis.

Surnames of similar origin to “Bachus” include Bachman, Bachmann, Backman, Backmann, Bakman, and Bakmann.

The “Bachus” surname is found primarily in western and northern Germany. In the US, “Bachus” is mainly found in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Wisconsin. It is also common in the south German states of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg.

The “Bachus” surname is most common in the United States, Germany, Guatemala, Canada, and Poland. It is also prominent in the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden, as well as in Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

In the US, “Bachus” is the 2,414th most common surname based on the 2020 census data. Worldwide, the “Bachus” surname is the 4,248th most common surname.

Famous people with the name Bachus

  • Spencer Bachus: a representative of the US state of Alabama in the US House of Representatives from 1993 to 2015 and the chief sponsor of the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999.
  • Charles S. Bachus Jr: a US Senator from Mississippi from 1947 to 1972
  • Richard H. Bachus: Massachusetts state representative.
  • William T. Bachus: onetime state senator in Missouri.
  • Neal Bachus: Tennessee state senator.
  • Kyle Bachus: American stand-up comedian, producer, and actor.
  • Brian Bachus: began his career selling books and was eventually named creative director for literary agency Scripted Entertainment in Los Angeles.
  • Gemma Bachus: Finnish snowboarder.
  • Kerstin Bachus: German figure skater.
  • Jari Bachus: Finnish businessman and former sportsperson.

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