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Surname Backas - Meaning and Origin

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Backas: What does the surname Backas mean?

The last name Backas is of Slavic origin and is common in Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. The name Backas can indicate either direct descent from a person with the last name Backas, or it could indicate proximity to the area of origin.

The original meaning of the name is uncertain, however it is believed to mean “to resend” or “to send back” which could refer to someone sending documents or objects for the purposes of trade or other causes. Alternately, the name could also originate from the verbal root “back-,” which is used in numerous Slavic names such as Bakhin, Bakhmatsky, or Backman and usually implies a higher social status, strong family influence, and the name given to someone living in a place where wooden sides were placed in a fence.

All the possible meanings of the name Backas are based on speculation and historical context, but the most accepted interpretation is the one that refers to the trade activities of her ancestors. This suggests that the Backas family may have been a very active and prominent trading family in their area. This could imply that the Backas family were merchants- or perhaps even entrepreneurs- that became successful by making and exporting goods domestically, regionally, and internationally.

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Backas: Where does the name Backas come from?

The surname Backas is most commonly found in Finland today. It is a fairly old name and has been passed down through many generations of Finnish people. It is believed that the name originated from the Old Germanic word ‘backe’, which means ‘back’ or ‘ridge’. The name is primarily found in southern and western parts of the country, including in the provinces of Lapland, Northern Ostrobothnia, and Kainuu.

According to records, there have been a number of bearers of the Backas name throughout Finland’s history. The earliest recorded contact with the surname was in the 13th century, with a man noted to be called Johan Backe. During the 1600s, provinces such as Uusimaa also saw the surname being passed down from generation to generation. Some surnames with the same root appeared to have been used in Sweden and Norway, but this name is now considered to be a distinctive Finnish name.

In more recent times, Backas has continued to be a popular surname. It is now often found in urbanised areas and many people have taken the surname from their ancestor’s records. Today, the surname is associated with anyone with Finnish heritage, as many people with the name are believed to have their roots in the country.

Variations of the surname Backas

Backas is a common surname, and its variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin are numerous.

The surname Backas has its roots in Scandinavia, where the patronymic (the practice of creating a surname from the given name of a father or ancestor) form “Back-” meaning “son of” was frequently used. Thus, Backas can see its variants as Bakas, Back, Backs, Backsen, Bäck, Bäckas, Bäcksson, Bäckman, Bakker, Bakkens, Berksen, Bekker, Bergs, Bergsman, and Backsen.

In Finland, the variant Bäck is more common than Backas, with the other variants such as Bäckas, Bäckstrom, Bäckman, Bäcklund, Bäckt, and Bäckmark being less common.

In Estonia, Backas is usually referred to as Bakker, Bakkens, or Bergs.

In Sweden, the variants Bakker, Baks, Backman, Bakken, Berks, Bergsman, and Bäcklords are common.

In the Netherlands, the variant Backx is often used.

The many different spellings and variants reflect the cultural variations of the countries where the surname is found. The Backas surname is quite diverse, with many different spellings and variants, which makes it unique and special.

Famous people with the name Backas

  • Abdul Backas: a former Malaysian professional footballer
  • Bob Backas: a former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Marja-Liisa Backas: a Finnish curler
  • Markku Backas: a former Finnish football midfielder
  • Peppi Backas: a former Finnish football defender
  • Pekka Backas: a former Finnish football goalkeeper
  • Paul Backas: an American Actor and Songwriter
  • Alex Backas: a Russian professional footballer
  • Kari Backas: a Finnish billionaire hotelier and founder of the Backas Group
  • Patrik Backas: a former Finnish ice hockey defenseman

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